Friday, December 28, 2018

5 Star Review in from Literary Titan for the new SOUL BORN

Hi all,

"A well written and original work that is captivating and one you won’t want to put down." --Literary Titan

Literary Titan just posted the first big review of the new edition of SOUL BORN and it is a great one! 5 Stars!

Check out the link here:

Beware of slight spoilers.

"This novel is the kind of book that makes you think, it is not a quick fluff read, and the twists and turns of the plot will take you by surprise." --Literary Titan

I love this review, because he got what I was going for and understands how I develop my character. I am very happy with this. Thanks again, Literary Titan.

Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Excerpt for SOUL BORN new edition by Kevin James Breaux

Hi all!

I posted this on SOUL BORN's blog site: but I want to post it here too. It is the first excerpt of this new edition. The first 14-15 pages. Prologue and first chapter. My author site has the new Soul Born press kit up too. Easy to find. Check it out.

Until then, please read and enjoy!



The snap of a stick echoed in the ears of the young elven woman as she fled through the murky midnight forest, her pale violet eyes like those of a predatory bird, searching and scanning her surroundings. In this chase, however, she was the prey.

Two days ago, by sheer misfortune, Tala had crossed paths with a hunting party of her people’s greatest rivals— reptilian beast men. The alligator-headed deinosuchians were on the brink of extinction after many summers of bloody conflict with the elves, making them even more dangerous when encountered.

After having run for two straight days, Tala had exhausted all of her people’s tricks to escape pursuit. The deinosuchians were closing in on her.

Tala ran through the forest, no longer making any attempt to cover her tracks. She was so tired her mind convinced her that there was danger in very shadow and behind every tree.

She had lost everything: her belongings, her friends, and her family. It seemed fitting that, on this night, she would lose her life too. Dry-mouthed and thirsty, she ran in the direction of a lake, having spotted the glitter of moonlight reflecting off its surface between the trees.

She knew the deinosuchians were close; she could smell them—the scent of decaying flora coated their scales. Nevertheless, she stopped, kneeling by the lake to drink. After gulping a few mouthfuls of the earthy-tasting water, Tala froze and spilled a handful down her chin. She remained motionless, afraid that even a breath would alert her hunters.

Through the willow trees that encircled the small lake, she heard several crunches echo from the opposite shore. Tala had never overheard a deinosuchian speak, but her tribal elders recounted their language as a collection of hissing sounds not unlike a snake, with tongue–clicks added for emphasis.

The young elven woman stood bit by bit and backed away from the water, one foot at a time. Suddenly, the bushes in front of her spread open and out lumbered one of the hunters, his back hunched, and his dorsal spikes flared as he moved; he was about to attack.

Tala whirled around to sprint away from her assailant but came face-to-face with two more deinosuchians who had crept up behind her in silence.

Her shriek of terror was cut short when something small and round hit the back of her head. She pawed through her yellow-green hair until she found a wet spot and her vision began to blur the moment she saw the crimson on her fingertips.

Unable to control her legs, she fell to the soft ground near the edge of the lake. Able to roll over, she stared blearily into the black sky as the deinosuchians approached her. She heard them hiss and click at each other in a rhythm that she imagined was filled with joy. Why wouldn’t they celebrate? They caught their dinner.

Out of the corner of her watering eye, Tala saw the three-clawed toes and dewclaw of one of the deinosuchians settle into the earth beside her head. In desperation, she wrapped her arm around the reptilian beast-man’s scaly leg. While the strength drained from her, she attempted to knock the hunter backward, but her efforts only earned her a jarring blow to the side of the head. The impact of the deinosuchian’s wooden staff left a metallic taste in her mouth and made the world spin.

Few lived to tell the tale of the deinosuchian’s feeding ritual, but one elf in her tribe had: a man named Arol. The elder had spun a tale not unlike the one she was living now. Chased, wounded, and caught: the hunters bit off his right arm before he was rescued.

No one will save me. These beasts… They are going to eat me alive, piece by piece.

Tala squeezed her eyes shut, aware that even if she had kept them open, she would not have seen much more than a blur. She may have been powerless before her attackers, and too damaged to fight, but that did not mean she was willing to watch herself be consumed.

When the edge of a stone blade cut into her hip, her body tensed up. The end was coming—the deinosuchians were stripping her of her clothes just as Arol had described in his horrifying tale. Her sense of defenselessness became crushing when her skirt was torn from her body. The thought of one of the deinosuchians sinking his teeth into the meat of her thigh sent a wave of terror through her body, and it escaped in a scratchy scream.

A cold, clawed hand brushed against her face and shoved something dry into her mouth to silence her. She gagged, familiar with the taste of leather—no doubt a scrap from her own skirt. I don’t want to die.

Claws pierced her blouse and dug ever so slight into her skin before they scratched themselves across each of her breasts and tore away the last bits of her attire. She tensed, but her body vibrated with panic.

The same fear that sealed her eyes now opened them. Her surroundings were blurred and dark. The moonlight, what little pierced the canopy of trees, reflected off the deinosuchian’s chest scales; he was inches above her.

Something warm and sticky struck her leg, but before she could look, she felt something else smack against her chest and move across her collar bone. Tala gazed down her nose and was met with the sight of a long, thin, pink tongue attached to her nude body, trailing saliva.

She tried again to struggle but two great weights pinned her arms down. Her eyelids fluttered as she fell into a swoon, but then an ominous, stern voice cut through the darkness and awakened her dulled senses.

“Leave the girl alone, deinosuchians of the Gar-hut-tu tribe. The elf will not be your meal this evening.”

Am I rescued? One of my former tribesmen come to save me?

“Leave now and seek your sustenance elsewhere. This is your final warning.” The female voice spoke loud and clear.

Free of the weight on her arms, Tala sat up and blinked her eyes slowly. For a moment, all she saw was the darkness of night painted over the trees and bushes near the path; but then, all shapes and colors washed away in the most brilliant flash of pure white light she had ever seen. When her eyes adjusted, she watched one of the deinosuchians stumble into view. Then, slowly, the creature moved and hissed in agony as his body crumbled like arid soil and blew away in the wind.

“Tala Silver Wolf.”

The young elf turned her head against a formidable spike of pain in her neck and laid eyes on the owner of the powerful voice. “Y-yes?”

“My name is Drae’Qu and I have been waiting for you.”

Chapter 1


Karn was heavier than he looked, even without his weapons and heavy armor, but then again unconscious bodies always were misleading.

Opal may have been young, but she was not naive; she learned as she went, and this was a lesson her aching muscles would remind her of for days to come.

She rubbed her dainty hands down the side of her old patchwork leather pants. Made from pieces of clothing that belonged to her father, she had altered them several times to fit. However, Opal wasn’t worried about ruining them; they were already stained with many layers of dirt…and blood.

After a deep breath, Opal brushed her long, wavy red hair to the side, out of her eyes. She wrinkled her nose and pursed her crimson lips together to puff the final nagging strands away, so she could think.

She knew she would have to call upon her magic to carry Karn the rest of the way; she was just too weak to do it herself. Nevertheless, she did not want to waste any magical energy she did not have to; a powerful spell would be required to put her plan into motion, and she wanted to be sure she could cast it.

She sighed as she took one last long look at her project lying in the mossy forest grass. He was dressed, not unlike her, in casual farmer’s garb, nothing that would make him stand out in a crowd. No one would know how special he was. No one but her.

Karn was the man of her dreams; tall, strong, handsome, and she could not wait to love him and to be loved by him. This will work, she told herself for the thousandth time. This will work.

Wispy light, like thin, pink mist, formed around both of their heads. She was the key that unlocked the jumbled mess inside his mind. Without her, he would be useless to the others. I made sure of it, my love. I had to or risk my… our well-being.

Opal knew the magical energy that filled her body had its limits, but she had not yet reached them. At times, she felt so powerful, she thought she could move the world—this was not one of those times. She had taxed her body over the past two days, with little sleep and nourishment to replenish it. It was not the magic that ebbed; it was her body. She needed rest desperately.

A sour sensation in her stomach made her want to retch, as the spell she cast ended. With a look to the sky, Opal calculated. Karn will wake up when the sun is straight above the treetops; there’s just enough time for a quick meal and a short slumber.

She was only several steps away when fatigued breathing emerged from behind her.

“Mage, you’ve cast your last spell!”

Like the howl of a hungry animal, the man’s shout tore the peaceful silence from the forest around her and startled her so badly she nearly fell when she turned to face him.

She sized him up. Pointed ears… angular brow…

The man continued to scream as he charged with his weathered sword held high.

Where the elf had come from, Opal had no idea. Her thoughts were dominated by one thing: Could all my work be cut short by the rusty blade of this dirt-covered stranger’s longsword?

Opal ducked under his initial swing and called for a defensive spell, a magical shield, but no sooner had the spell begun to form than it vanished.

Her body heated, and her skin grew moist and sticky. If I can’t concentrate… my power is worthless.

“Your kind has set ruin to our world. Today I will cleanse this forest with your blood!”

With her hands and feet in the grass, Opal scrambled for cover like a panicked animal. As her head spun, she could hear the words of the High Council echo inside her mind. She would not allow them the satisfaction of being right. Not now, not ever.

At risk of succumbing to unconsciousness, Opal turned and stood her ground against her wild-eyed assailant. She did what her trainers always said. She relied on her senses and her training.

First, she took in her circumstances.

This old man, he smells as if he’s not bathed in months. He… She gagged. He reeks like something dead. He’s exhausted, as exhausted as I am… but in his eyes there’s a passion like I have never seen before. This elf… he desires one thing: to kill me… Kill me or die trying.

He lunged forward with an attack that should have run her through, but Opal had created a small portal in front of her body, one large enough to protect her from chest to groin. When his sword, and arm that wielded it, entered the crackling violet vortex, she snapped the portal shut, and transported the old metal and older flesh to a location in the southern sea.

Injured, he fell into her, the stump of his bleeding arm ramming her belly. The jarring impact knocked her backward; everything went dark.


When she opened her eyes, she did not know how much time had passed. What happened? Where is he?

She remembered a fight, but its conclusion was foggy. When she looked down at herself, she saw that her beige sash-tied vest was covered in blood, but there were no wounds. I’m fine. I think I’m fine. Oh no… Karn…

She held her breath as she searched about. Where’s Karn…? When her eyes found him, she sighed with relief. He was still asleep.

My plan remains unspoiled.

When she stood up she did so slowly, her eyes on the elven man lying motionless behind her. His wound–his missing arm–should’ve killed him but had not. Somehow, the old elven man still drew breath although shallow and haggard.

She examined him for other weapons but found none. In fact, the old man had nothing apart from the rags he wore for clothes. Who is he? she wondered. Why would he come here? Now?

Her curiosity came to a quick end when she saw his eyes flutter in effort to open.

Opal snatched up a rock and squeezed it so tight in her hand that she felt its corners dig into her flesh. She raised her fist high over her head, drew a deep breath, and then smashed the man’s nose and bashed in his teeth.

Over and over, she slammed the rock into the man’s face, until her arm was coated to the elbow in gore. When there was nothing left but grass and mud, she stopped and inhaled her first breath in what seemed to her like ages.

It’s over, she told herself. No. It’s all set to begin.

She shook her head in disgust; there was more work to be completed now. After she tossed the rock to the side, she grabbed the man by his ankles. Lifeless bodies are so much heavier than they look.


Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

Friday, November 16, 2018

New Edition of SOUL BORN is out! Other books on SALE!

Hi all,

So you already know SOUL BORN was re-released and it can now be found on Amazon and BN. You can read it on Kindle or Nook or in Paperback.

Here are some links:

Amazon Paperback: 

Amazon Kindle:

To celebrate the new release and to make it easy for everyone during the holidays, I made sure all my other Kindle books were on sale. 

So, now you can get: ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL, TWO POLLUTED BLACK-HEART ROMANCES, and THE LIFEBLOOD OF ILL-FATED WOMEN for a super low price of $2.99. (this sale ends Jan. 2. 2019) 

Grab those kindle books now! And catch up on the Water Kingdom series before THREE BURNING RED RUNAWAY BRIDES is released in the new year. :) 

Thanks all!

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Kevin James Breaux signing books at Sci-Fi Authorfest 12

Sci-Fi Authorfest 12
A starfleet of science fiction and fantasy authors descends for one galactic book signing event. Meet Seanan McGuire, Brent Weeks, Daniel H. Wilson, Mike Moscoe/Shepherd, Devon Monk, Spencer Ellsworth, Kat Richardson, Rhiannon Held, Alma Alexander, Fonda Lee, Joseph Brassey, Kevin James Breaux, David Levine, Emily Suvada, Ian Doescher, Lilith Saintcrow, S. D. Perry, Diana Pharoah Francis, Jennifer Brozek, and Dave Bara.

Sunday, November 11 @ 4:00 PM
Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing. Beaverton, OR.

For the third year in a row, and the fourth time total, I will be signing books at the Authorfest in Powell's Books. I love this event. I love it as both and author and fan or the genres. All the people there are great and Powell's runs this event so smoothly it is AMAZING.

Come see me. Bring a book for me to sign, or pick one up. 

I will have limited copies of the new editions of SOUL BORN with me.  Pre-release!

Hope to see you there.

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

Friday, November 2, 2018

SOUL BORN Cover Reveal!!!!

SOUL BORN is back! This is a new edition from Azure Spider Publications. Newly edited. Small plot changes. Some small character name changes. It's the best version of this story yet! And it has a brand new cover by the amazing Pablo Fernandez Angulo.

The book will be released 11/15/18. SOON!!!!

You can get an advanced copy of it at Orycon or Authorfest next weekend. I will be signing at both events.

Orycon - Portland, OR. 12-2pm Saturday.
Authorfest at Powell's Beaverton, OR.  4pm Sunday.

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Three Burning Red Runaway Brides is Done...and so begins the edits!

Hi all,

Last week I finished writing THREE BURNING RED RUNAWAY BRIDES, Book 3 in The Water Kingdom Series. I did not want to post anything until today, when I finished re-reading it.

And making a few changes.

So far, this draft is at 96,200 words. I wrote those last 45,000 words in one month....yeah... 3,000 and 5,000 word count days. I killed it.

The book is now being edited. So I will have some time off, to think about changes before I finalize it and start the publishing process.

The cover artwork is done. I can look to reveal that soon too. Maybe in Oct.

This was a true goal for me. To write and have a series published. I tried to meet that goal with Soul Born...but book one and two were published and books three and four were not. Hopefully that can happen in the future now that Soul Born has a new publisher.

Sabrina London... For the most part, her story ends with this book. If she returns in the next series, The Fire Kingdom Series, it would be in an unexpected way. You have to read to find out.

Expect to see Moselle, Jackson, Dunyasha, Joe, H.B. and others in book 3. And a few new characters.

I can't wait to get it out there and hear peoples reviews. Until then, please, read and review the first two books if you have not. I need more reviews! :)

Thanks all.

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

Thursday, August 9, 2018

RPGs shaped my foundation as an artist and author. Part 1 - Tabletop Games.

Hi all,

Sometimes, I get asked about my RPG background. I have written articles and posts about it. But let me take a brief moment to talk about it again. It is an important part of my foundation as an author and artist.

In the early 1980s, when I was in grade school, my neighbor Matt Zelesko (a few years older than me) gave me the D&D Monster Manual for my birthday. The artwork inside was incredible and I was instantly hooked.

I still own my hardbound books!
I made my mother take me to hobby stores where they sold D&D stuff. At the time, the local Village Mall had a hobby store and I was able to buy books, games, modules, and miniatures there. I was in heaven.

I stared at those books for hours and hours. I took them to school. I drew from them...they kept me VERY busy.

Some of my favorites.
I played D&D and Top Secret for a few years with my neighborhood friends. It was abridged rules, I'm sure. I mean we used the books as a guideline to tell stories, roll dice, laugh and have tons of fun.

Later, I discovered CAR WARS and that was my newest obsession. Not so much for the artwork and cool stories, but for the intensely fun and addicting game play.

Much love.
With CAR WARS, I was actually able to fully understand the rules of and make the game work. It was amazing. My friends and I played this one for years, off and on, from the 1980s and 1990s. Even into the early 2000s when we had a massive 10 game tournament.  (I won)

In college, we discovered White Wolf Publishing and one by one me and my friends had a new even bigger obsession. The books read like novels with some game instruction and some choose-your-own-adventure mixed in. They were skillfully written and designed. They were unlike anything I had ever seen in the RPG world.

Love this book.

Once again, I was traveling with my RPG books. I took Vampire: The Masquerade to school with me everyday. I read it between classes, drew from the pictures, studied it. It really shaped me as an author.

Two of my other friends...they knew the release dates of each coming book. They waited and rushed out to get each one as soon as it was available. I swear my one friend was late to work because of being at the bookstore getting...I think it was WRAITH, lol.

Sadly, I have not played any tabletop games in about 10 years.

Since I moved, and left my childhood friends on the East Coast, I have had little desire to. Those friends were my family and these games were something I shared with them. So playing with new people--strangers, would feel wrong.

That all being said, I do wish to write for a RPG game system. I want to rekindle that love...that magical feeling...but this time I want to step back into those fantasy worlds as a creator. I want to craft these worlds and universes for people like myself when I was younger and carrying the books around like they were filled with treasures.  Because they were and they still are.

I opened up one of my books not long ago. The Deities and Demigods one. Instantly, I got lost in the pages just like I did when I was a kid. That book still has its magic and THAT is amazing.

Thanks all,

Kevin James Breaux

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Quick updates! And toys.

Hi all,

The last book in the Water Kingdom series is almost done. It is about 25-30K words from finished. It will be released in 2018 as planned.

I have been working hard on the plot. Since it is the last book in the series, I am going back and forth from the other two books to tie things in and finish story lines. Keeping the plot clean is important.

I also finished a few edit drafts from the new SOUL BORN publisher. So that is moving along too.

I am pitching artists to the publisher for the cover. Wish me luck.

Been busying writing and doing custom toy work at CASTLE BROSKULL. Lots of GI JOE and Transformers stuff.

Fun things, like repainting these old Joe Vehicles in a Chuckles theme. 


That and I submitted a lot of samples and work to IDW. Pitched some new things too.

I'm ready when you are IDW. Let's rock an amazing team-up!

Kevin James Breaux

Monday, June 11, 2018

Authorfest 2018 - I will be there!

Hi all,

Happy to announce that I was invited to sign my books at this years Authorfest at Powell's Books in Beaverton, Oregon. This is my third year in a row, and my fourth one I will be attending.

I'm told my books are flying off the shelf there. That's great news. I hope to sign a bunch.

More details coming soon. But it is Nov. 11th. Save the date.

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

Friday, May 11, 2018

Thanks for plastic army men tanks!

Hi all!

Remember the 1970s-1980s plastic army men? I had tons of them. I mean tons. I was always bugging my parents for more. Somewhere along the line, I got tanks and jeeps too. Even a whole play set.... I really loved these toys...until GI JOE was released in early 80s. Then they got packed away.

But I kept them all.  And recently my father mailed them all to me.

See a few of my favorites.

So, I considered selling them. Then I couldn't let them go. So, I packed them away again. Even the big Pork Chop Hill Play Set. :)

But I got to thinking....

Toys have become my canvases at my fun little Castle Broskull workshop. So... I picked up one of the little plastic army tanks and I primed it. Then I painted it.


I think it looks amazing. I mean loot at the texture. It's funny how these 80's toys had amazing detail but horrible paint jobs... so we never knew the potential.

Thanks to my wife for photographing my tanks. Thanks for tanks?

I am painting and selling these now. At Castle Broskull. Send me yours, I will paint them.

So now these little tanks are sitting out on my bookshelf and looking seriously bad-ass. If you want me to paint yours, contact me!

There is a real sense of accomplishment when you take a forgotten old toy and make it rad again.


Kevin James Breaux

Monday, April 9, 2018

Editing. Writing. Editing. Painting. Editing. Writing.

Hi all.

So busy.

so... busy.

I am writing book three in the Water Kingdom Series.

I am editing SOUL BORN for the new publisher.

I am rereading BLOOD DIVIDED for the new publisher.

And I am customizing toys at Castle Broskull...

...and I am still a starving artist. When does that change?

Oh well.

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

Thursday, March 8, 2018

New Publishing Deal for SOUL BORN

Hi all,

Happy to announce that my award-wining novel, SOUL BORN has a new publishing deal. I just signed the contracts yesterday. Soul Born has been down a long road in the past. It was published before, with a small press that showed it some great success, then stopped paying its authors royalties... So it was removed and later returned as a new edition on kindle only. But it was always meant for something greater.

Now it can reach its full potential.

This new publisher will re-edit it, and provide it with new cover art. It will evolve. It will restart the SOUL BORN Saga. I am very excited.

So here is to perseverance. I never gave up on this one. And it paid off.

Thanks all. I will update you as I get more info. Tentatively it is set for a Fall 2018 release.

In a few days, look for One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail and Two Polluted Black-Heart Romances to go on Kindle Sale for .99 cents!

Grab them!


Kevin James Breaux

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Time Travel is real.... Toys are proof. Kevin James Breaux and his JOE Tank.

Hi all,

Since my mother died, my dad has been shipping all my childhood toys across country to me to sell. It's been a really amazing process, but at times the nostalgia is overwhelming...and other times...well you experience time travel. Or Fate. Or...I don't know.

Let me start at beginning.

My dad started sending toys. But he did not see the value in their weapons or accessories. I did not know this at first. So, I was selling things that were not complete. I finally convinced him to look for weapons. I found out they were at the bottom of boxes, or on the garage floor where my toys were stored. He did not bother with them. So after a month of selling things, I started getting parts for the things I already sold. Some of the toys would have been complete when I sold them and fetched a much higher price. So, I started holding things back and waiting for future shipments from my dad. Yep, it worked. I started getting pieces from things he shipped weeks and months ago. NOW, I was selling complete items.

FYI - I sent most of the guns and accessories to the people who I sold the matching items too. Unless the piece was big, I shipped it to them at my cost. So, I, at least, helped out a few collectors. And made some new friends. :)

Here are some examples of the toys that had been in my parents garage since the mid 1980s. JUST NOW unearthed and sold. Or...OKAY...I kept a few....

Kept this guy.

And this is just a small sampling. Trust me. I had a ton of Fisher Price Adventure People, STOMPERS, and Match Box cars...

Oh... I sold this amazing looking MOTO Knock off for over $300!!!

He was ALMOST too cool to sell.
Anyway... It has kept me busy and it has been fun. At times...I just have to stop and take it all in. These are toys I have not touched in over 30 years. Some of them look familiar and some are SO familiar it is like I never stopped thinking about them. I picked them up and they felt natural to be back in my hands. It's crazy!

But here is where my mind was blown. I tell people, as a writer, you need to reward yourself when you finish a book. I was taught this. It works. Well back a few years ago, maybe 4-5, when I finished THE LIFEBLOOD OF ILL-FATED WOMEN, I wanted to reward myself with something I could put in my office, on my shelf. Something I would see and always be reminded of all the hard work and that my efforts paid off.

So, I went on ebay and bought an old GI JOE toy I once owned (and sold back in the mid 1990s). I got this:

GI JOE Mauler Tank.
I got it from a guy who buys pieces and puts them back together. It was 99% complete when I got it. Just missing the big antenna. But that antenna costs like $40-50 on ebay. It's rare. I made a ebay search for Mauler Antenna years ago and saved it. I have checked it from time to time, but never saw the use in spending that much money.


Fast forward to a few weeks ago. My dad says he is sending me a box full of parts. Mostly junk, he says. When I get the box there is a bag, with my mom's handwriting on it. "Assorted Parts" I opened that Ziploc bag and found some GI JOE parts...and in there... an antenna. I picked it up and looked at it a minute. I had a weird moment where I just knew... I just knew... So, I ran across my house and right to the Mauler and popped that antenna in. It fit like it always belonged there. Now the tank is 100% complete.

I nearly cried.

Somehow, my mom found the missing antenna off my original childhood tank... probably lost off it back in the late 1980s, when I stopped playing with my JOES. She packed it away, instead of throwing it out.

Then, in the mid 1990s when I sold my tank, I sold it without the antenna. I had no idea. I probably didn't even care or notice. And I did not know she had parts stored elsewhere.

Then now, 2018. I am reunited with my tank's original antenna and it is on my tank which I bought as a reward to myself and to remind myself that hard work pays off. Well now it reminds me of my mom too, and how much she cared.

Like I said. Fate? Time Travel? Who knows. It feels like fate to me.

So yeah. I wanted to share my story.

Write Makes Might!


Kevin James Breaux

Thursday, January 4, 2018

2017 in Review. One word: "Yuck...."

Hi all,

Well, like most of you, my 2017 sucked. Or kinda sucked. I don't want to compare. Some people had VERY bad moments/events/tragedies this year. The weather saw to a lot of disasters, some of which were in my area of the PAC NW. So again, my year stunk.... but was not THAT bad. I guess...

See, last Feb., I found out my my was terminally ill. And that went on until Oct. (10-11 months) when she finally passed. It was very stressful for all. I don't like when people or animals suffer, and I feel like my mom was suffering for a while. So her passing was hard, but in some ways a blessing. I really don't know how to put it. It is still fresh. I have not really fully processed it yet.

During this time, most of 2017, I could not write as much as I normally do. I am a fast and furious writer... with daily word counts that make the pros jealous. But not this year. This year saw me taking time off and not being very creative.

I painted a lot. To get my mind off things. That was good and it's true, art therapy works. But I would have liked to written much-much more.

That being said, since middle Oct. I have been writing more. I was ghost writing for a company for two months, having fun with it, but then that fell apart...don't get me started with how the industry continuously lets me down. Let's just say this. I nailed my projects, and the books I wrote and helped write are doing great online....

Sigh. Anyway.

What about all my other projects?

Three Burning Red Runaway Brides - book three in the Water Kingdom Series is 1/3 written. Late 2018 release. Cover art is done and ready.

The sequel to The Lifeblood of Ill-fated Women is just started, but mentally plotted out. Hopes for an early 2019 release.

My Young Davy Crockett MG/YA book is done and I should be pitching it to publishers again...soon. This is a fun read. I think its a no-brainer for a small press publisher. If it does not find one soon I might self pub. Not sure.

The Soul Born Saga - Soul Born was re-edited this year and submitted to a highly interested small press publisher. I hope she picks it up. I think Soul Born needs to be back at a good small press.

And I might be in the middle of another Ghost Writing project. Maybe. It's a secret. :)

What are my plans for 2018?

Well, I hope to get back on my schedule of writing 4-5 days a week. And I hope to start getting my already published books more exposure. I need more readers and more reviewers.  So if you know any, send them my way.

I will finish the Water Kingdom Series which will tie up one story. But will open the door to the Fire Kingdom Series.

I plan to nearly finish the LBIFW sequel too. And maybe re-edit Blood Divided in the Soul Born Saga.

I will continue to be doing little painting projects and custom painting Castle Grayskulls for fun.

In my opinion, 2017 made it hard to see the future.  It muddied everything up. It's hard to think years in advance now. Even hard to think months in advance. I guess I take things more day to day now. But I have hopes people will start being nice to each other again. Get off social media and go outside and enjoy nature. Maybe even sit outside in the fresh air and read a book.

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux