Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Re-Watched SPARTACUS! Still love it.

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I recently finished a re-watch of SPARTACUS. I watched, and loved-loved-loved the series on STARZ when it originally aired. I even bought some memorabilia from the auctions the production companies had during the last season.

I bought one of Ilytia's dresses. I kept it a few years and sold it for double.

I had not re-watched the show since it aired. BUT I bought all the BLU ray disks and last month decided now was the time. OMG. I am so glad I did. I STILL love this show. It remains in my top three shows of all time. I love all the history, the action, the blood and guts and yes, the incredible sex scenes. This is how all shows should be.

This time around, I made note of my favorite episodes and who directed them. Funny enough, my old Hercules TV show Alum, Micheal Hurst, directed like 85% of my favorite eps. Go Go Iolaus!

So, yes, Season 1 is hard to beat. And I love Ilythia with all my heart. She is one of the sexiest, baddest...sexiest...villains around. :) Yes, Season 1 has it all: love, loss, betrayal, combat... man it is SO good.

Oh Ilythia!

Episode #9 is my favorite of Season 1. Called "WHORE" and directed by Micheal Hurst. It focuses on Ilythia and her wicked plans.

Season 2 has some amazing moments, starting with a great one in Episode #1 FUGITIVUS, Which shows the aftermath of Season 1 and more. Again, directed by Hurst.

Season 2 Episode #5 is another one that stands out for me. Called "LIBERTUS" and directed by Rick Jacobson.  This one contains a very pivotal moment for the series.

Season 3 is my favorite season. Like I said, Season 1 is hard to beat, but there is just SO much happening in season 3. So much of all the things I love about this show. It's like they decided to double up on all the action, blood, and sex.

I think it is my favorite because of all time spent with the Roman Legions and Marcus Crassus. I love all that Ancient Roman regalia.  The arms and armor. The standards and flags.... its all too cool to look away from! I must have been a Roman in a past life. Seriously.

Season 3 Episode 4 is a hard pill to swallow, but also an amazing ep. It is called "DECIMATION." I think during my first viewing on the original airing, I did not like this one. I think it was too brutal...but now I see it for what it is and why its needed in the plot. I love this ep. And guess who directs it. Yep!

He is about to do a very bad...but seemingly necessary thing.

Episodes 5,6, and 7 are all great as well. I give them all top scores. And we get a lot of Caesar in these. Which is a good thing. Lots of Kore too. Also a good thing. :)

So what about Gods of the Arena? The mini-series between Seasons 1 and 2. Well, it is almost flawless. Gannicus is my favorite of the Gladiators in the entire series. He is cocky, like a rock star, and still...regardless of broads and booze, he is fighting the good fight. And...yeah...he pays the ultimate price in the end, in my opinion.

What's not to like?

But you can't just watch Spartacus and not talk about the ladies. This show is equal strong men to strong women. As I said, Ilythia is my favorite. But you have to give props to Kore in the last season and Sibyl.

All that being said...no one acts as good as Lucy Lawless on this show. Her character Lucretia is a pivotal player in all but the last season. She delivers many stand-out performances. I feel it is her best work.

I'd go in more detail, but there are a lot of people who have not seen the show. I don't want to spoil it. Just know it is one of my favorites and I will probably re-watch it again in a year or so.

RIP - Andy Whitfield

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