Thursday, November 2, 2017

Where you at? I'm right here.

Hi all,


What a stressful couple months. Let me start by saying my mother passed away in early Oct. It had been a horrible month leading up to it, and it was a very stressful couple weeks after. Things are starting to calm down now. But I have to say, I've felt sad, depressed, and I've felt this weird sense of being alone, most of the month of Oct. Yeah...I'm worn out.

And guess what? I started ghostwriting around the same time my mom passed. Funny how these things all happen at the same time. New job. Big family loss. Ug.

The ghostwriting has been fun. I'm in the swing of it now. I did okay my first month, but I will do twice as much this second month.

AND....I'm still writing my own books. Focused on book three of the Water Kingdom series right now. That book has a lot of intrigue and some complex story lines, so I'm going slow. Making sure it's right.

Nov. is one of my favorite months. So I hope to start feeling better and get a lot of work done.

I have a book signing coming up soon too. I will post about that next week.

(Hint: It's Authorfest again.)

Last up. There is a new Goodreads Giveaway starting Nov. 9th. Look for the entry form here and at

Thanks all!

Remember. Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

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