Friday, March 17, 2017

Kevin James Breaux Artist and Author and Painter and Photographer...

Hi all,
Time for some deep thoughts. :)
For a long time now, I have tried to separate the different kinds of art I do: comic book illustration, painting, figure photography, writing...etc. I mean, I really kept my writing FAR separate from my fine art. In some ways, I did not want one to effect the other negatively. But why would I think that way?
When I graduated from college, I had three websites. One for my comic book art and illustrations. Another was for my fine art figure photography business (which often included nude work).  And lastly, another website called BRO WEB DESIGNS for my pro graphic and web design work. Each site had its own portfolio of my work. I was very proud of this. I even had business cards for each of them.


In college, I often had teachers who shamed me for the kind of art I was doing. In BCCC, one teacher made it sound like comic book art was the worst thing on the planet. She even stated, in her syllabus, NO COMIC ART...Kevin. (yep, directed at me!)
In Tyler School of Art, I was made to feel bad that I photographed nude models, when we drew from nude models every week. So I guess that explains some of my fear. But why teach fear in art school? It makes no sense to me. 

Over the years, I took down my different websites when my artistic or life focus changed. And sadly, computers crashed and backups failed...and ZIP disks.... don't get me started on them. So I lost a lot of my old work. Scans of comic book illustrations I was commissioned for...all gone. I went through a lot of my old disks the other day, all I could find was one Tomb Raider pen and ink pinup. Where were the dozens of Vampirellas I did? (yes. dozens)

So for me to start to blend the different aspects of my artistic life together and show them all in one place like Facebook has really been a big step. You can also see my different projects in the list below:
Prints and framed book cover art and photography here.

Author site with a fine art tab here.

Bringing together my art and my writing... yeah... I never thought that would ever happen. But it is. I even have a fine art tab on my author website now.

Growth. It happens. 
Thanks all,
Write Makes Might!
Kevin James Breaux

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