Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kevin James Breaux signs books at Powell's

Hi all,

My book signing at Powell's went very well. I signed all but two of the books they supplied me. And then signed those for the store to put on the shelf.

I sat next to Brent Weeks, just like the last time I attended. I did so I could learn. Brent is a powerhouse. He was signing from start to finish.

That first photo is always the hardest. And I was in total brooding mode. :)

Here I am signing a copy of ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL.

While there, I was approached by another book store in Oregon to do a signing in the new year.  Very cool. I hope to set something up in Jan. or Feb.

I got to talk to a lot of people and sign some books. I had a friend come visit me. All and all was a great night. (and I got a book signed by Brent to send to one of my friends/supporters) Win-Win.


Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

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