Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Long Summer for this author

Hi all,

I will spare you all the gruesome details, but this many ways...the best and worst Summer of my life. It's weird how that can happen. Lots of growth this Summer. Maybe someday I will write a blog post about it all...


Dark Water: Beaming Smile is #free on Amazon Kindle right now. For only a few days. Grab it while you can.

Soul Born will be #free Oct 12. to 16. Heads up. This is the first time that has been listed free.

The lady who contacted me years ago about about reading one of my novels to see if it could be made into a movie for a production company she worked with, well... she contacted me again and she wants all my works. I am waiting to see which one to send her first. But she was interested in all I have to offer. I am very excited about this. I am still waiting for a traditional publishing deal for either my urban fantasy or my viking historical dark fiction or even my middle grade boys horror. Need a deal soon. Like soon-soon. Like last month soon.

Contact my agent if you are a publisher.

I have been up and down the top ten writers chart at Publishers Marketplace for the past two weeks. Today I am listed at #2. I love when I am listed there. It is such a great site and amazing resource for authors.

Side note:

My wife and I (and our dog) just got back from a mini vacation in the mountains of Oregon: Sunriver, Bend, Powell Butte, and Sisters. It is amazing up there. So calm and serene. We had a great time. Especially at Brasada Ranch. I hope to go back soon.
Marshmallow on vacation.
Well, I am going to get back to editing the new edition of Blood Divided...and keep hoping for a book deal soon.

Thanks all,

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux