Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kevin James Breaux finishes another book and hands it in to his agent. Now what?

What’s up? Been a while. :)

Well, I finished writing the sequel to my Urban Fantasy Thriller, ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL, which is being represented by Marisa Corvisiero of the Corvisiero Literary Agency. http://www.corvisieroagency.com/

Yep. I made this banner. :)

It took me just under 11 months to write, edit, read, edit professionally, and read again. The final word count was over 111,000. A little longer than I expected after that final edit. But I'm happy.

I wanted to show my agent that I could do this. I wanted to show her that I could have a book ready for her (and the publishers) in less than a year. 

And I did it. 

My reward, a piece of character art from Kevin West. He has drawn two characters from the Soul Born Saga for me in the past. It was time to get a new piece from a character in the book I just finished. So I had him draw Sabrina, the main character.

Art by Kevin West. Sabrina from my book One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail - Kevin James Breaux

March was a very stressful month for me. Lots going on. But I finished my job and afterwards decided to take a step back for a moment. I focused on networking for a bit. Then advertised my two Kindle books, while they were on sale. Then I took a much needed break. Sadly, April started off rocky. But since I was not knee deep in any projects, I was able to focus on what was needed and face my newest challenges with no obstacles. 

I think things are clearing up finally, and maybe next week, I will be back to writing full time and getting moving on the sequel to my Viking book… which I have only written about 3K words in so far. 

I’ll aim to complete that book before next April.

My other goal is to re-edit BLOOD DIVIDED so I can post that up as a Kindle book in its new “Reborn” Edition.  That might take some time. I'm not sure how much work is needed on it. I have yet to build a schedule on that project…

May is nearly here. May is my wedding anniversary month. It's also the beginning of really nice weather in Oregon. And let's not forget. AVENGERS 2 comes out!!!!

I hope to be writing a lot this Summer. I hope to get a book deal soon. I would love to start getting out to some events. Hang out with some of my peers.This means you, Peter Orullian.

Anyway. I'm doing what I do best. Trying my hardest. Being patient. Learning. And learning some more. Write Makes Might!

Thanks all,

Kevin James Breaux

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