Monday, February 16, 2015

Kevin James Breaux brings SOUL BORN back in new Reborn Edition
Hi all,

Yep. SOUL BORN is back and all cleaned up in this new SOUL BORN: Reborn Edition.

What a journey.

I will not retell the entire publishing history... again. :) You can find it here and there on the internet and on this blog...

But, as you probably already know, when I got the rights back to Soul Born and Blood Divided in 4/2014, I knew these books had to be resurrected in some manner. So after editing Soul Born. And editing it again. And sending it to my editor. And re-reading it again... I was finally comfortable enough to send it to some trusted test readers(and fans of the series).

These people had read Soul Born before and after re-reading it, they gave lots of great new feedback. One guy, Aaron, WOW, he found all the typos my eyes would never have seen and simply read over. Thanks again, Aaron! I still owe you.

Lastly, I sent the book to some new readers who wanted to read it. They also gave some amazing and very helpful feedback. I am very fortunate.

But I was still scared to take that last step. Deep down, I wanted to re-write the book. Bring it to my current skill level... but that would have made it something new and no longer Soul Born. I could not do that to the fans of the series. I needed to get it back out there as it was originally intended, just fixed and polished.

So, after a few more weeks, I finally took that last scary step and uploaded it to Kindle.

Here's the link:

I am happy with the results... But I know it's not perfect.

DAMN, I'm so hard on myself. Those annoying perfectionist traits born from being an artist overwhelm me at times. And I get that feeling I used to get when I was drawing and doing comic book art all the time. I just want to crumble up my piece of paper and throw it away. It's just so hard to seperate the past and present. The Soul Born Saga is very much part of my past and part of those days I wish to move on from. At the same time, the book represent many lessons I have learned and friends I have made. I cannot abandon that. I cannot crumble that up. I will not throw that away.

It's my greatest hope that many of the fans of the Soul Born books will re-read this new edition. I set it up on Kindle so all readers who have the old (flawed small press) copies of the book will be able to get this new version at a great discount. I'm also running a sale in late March to further reduce the price.

I would love to hear people's thoughts. I hope the fans enjoy how I fixed things.

I will edit BLOOD DIVIDED next and re-release it in 2016. Until then, there are new versions of the e-stories popping up on my site and blogs too. Here is Soul Born Origins: Opal

Thanks all!

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux