Friday, January 23, 2015

Kevin James Breaux's DARK WATER: BEAMING SMILE is back!

This is a  novelette... basically a really long short story. :)

Hi all,

My award-winning supernatural-horror-thriller DARK WATER: BEAMING SMILE is once again available. Here is the link:

The publisher went out of business a year or so ago. Which was sad. This novelette was one of my favorite works. It even reached the Bram Stoker Prelim Ballot in 2011 for Long Fiction. See reading list here: .

I decided to polish it up some and self publish it on Amazon as a Kindle Book. But at the moment, I am not sure what to do next. How do I promote this? It's basically a short story for .99. Not something to worry myself to death with. But as I said before, it won an award and reached the prelims in another award. It was even read/acted out on a internet radio show.

Here is the audio page:

So this story may be one of the works I am most noted for... but with its absence from publication...

I could use some help spreading the word that it's back. So please tweet and Facebook about it. Any help or suggestions on how to promote it would be great. Thanks!

Write Makes Might!

Thanks all,

Kevin James Breaux

Friday, January 16, 2015

Kevin James Breaux 2014 Year in Writing

Writing Life

2014 was a different kind of year for me. In the beginning of the year, I had one goal. Just one. Get an agent. I had spent all of 2013 editing, learning, increasing my skill level--I was ready.  At the end of April, when I was just starting to doubt myself, it happened. I signed with an agent. A REALLY GOOD AGENT: Marisa A. Corvisiero of the Corvisiero Literary Agency

Marisa Corvisiero
 After signing with her I had to re-plan my year. I did not need to spend any more time sending queries. No more time waiting for replies… So I decided it was time to write another book.  I started writing the sequel to ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL, which was now represented and being read by Marisa.

Just a little hint.

This was a tough year for writing and it was filled with many family distractions. My wife was not feeling well most of the Summer and it was a real struggle for me at times. But we got through it all.

I was communicating with Marisa off and on. And she gave me lots of very encouraging feedback. All the while, I was climbing and holding the top ranks at Publishers Marketplace. I was doing something right. lol. Check back a few posts to read all about that.

I like to stay organized and I set a goal for myself to finish my new book at around 120K words, before X-Mas. I managed to met both. The book ended up just shy of 120K words and I was done before the New Year. 

Many of you know how I write. I write like an painter paints with oils. Layer over layer over layer. So when I finished this book it was not in first draft. It was more like fifth draft. With the exception of the last three chapters. So I read and re-read them. Totally scrapped the end and re-wrote it. :)

After the New Year, I edited the entire book in one week. And as of a few days ago, the book is in the hands of Gretchen, my kick ass editor. Why? Because she is a great source of advise. She knows how I write. Knows what I want. And she knows how to keep my writing flowing when, at times, I add too much info.

So yes… my year of writing was comprised of two things. Get and agent. Write a new book. And if you have read this blog you know I am capable of SOOOO much more. That one year… I wrote an insane amount of words (like four three books worth). And in 2013 I edited three books three times!!!  So what took so long this year?

I decided to write this new book, a sequel, very carefully. I keep saying “mindful”, it’s the word of the year. I was very mindful when I wrote this book. I kept the first book close, and took lots of notes for both books. I made sure the two tied together… and then I saw it. My skill level increased. And man… did I go full-tilt erotic in this one. I mean, I often flirt with the line but don’t totally cross it. I kinda crossed it this time, and when I looked back... that line was so far away it was a blur.  And not just because my eyes are strained from staring at the computer so much….

Do I feel like I accomplished enough this year? Yes and no. I got my agent. I mean, I FINALLY got my agent. Something I have been trying to do since 1998-1999. That goal alone should make me feel like I won the year, but I am a perfectionist and I wanted more. Agent and book written? Closer. But I still wanted to end 2014 with more. Another goal completed. 

I had to accept and move on. 

BUT 2015…. OH my goals are huge. I want to write the sequel to THE LIFEBLOOD OF ILL-FATED WOMEN and have at least one, preferably two, book deals underway. I really want a book out so I can attend the book shows and signings that I get invited to every year. I also want to make some movement on my one comic book script. Should it be a comic or a graphic novel or another book? It reads funny as a book…. but it would look hilarious as a comic.  

Creativity has never been about the money for me, but yes, I need some writer income this year.  OH MAN do I ever. 

**It just occurred to me that in the beginning of the year I re-edited SOUL BORN too. While waiting on queries, I re-read and re-edited that thing the best I could while resisting the urge to entirely re-write it. If I re-wrote it, it would not have been SOUL BORN any more. YES, it would have been at my current skill level, but it would have read entirely different. So I fixed it up as best I could. It feels more like a YA Fantasy now, since I write much harder core now. It is my first book… And now that it’s fixed up and has been read by test readers, it will be reborn in Kindle format. Soon. Very soon.  

So in conclusion, I am very grateful that I signed with an excellent agent who I gel with amazingly. I am also very pleased with the book I wrote this year. I just want to bring home the big win. And in 2015 I will. 

Write Makes Might!

Thanks all,

Kevin James Breaux