Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays from Kevin James Breaux

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all!

Sorry I have not updated in a while. Been super busy... and holidays... yeah... them. You all know how they take tons of time.

So... YES, I finally went to the new generation video game systems.

It's kinda funny. Right in the middle of debating it, one of my friends, who I have not had a chance to game with in a lifetime, bought a Xbox One. I wanted to drag my feet longer. I really wanted to wait another six months to a year, but when he got the system it lit a fire under me and... I jumped.

On Cyber Monday, I found a great deal and now I have the Xbox One. I am just barely getting used to it and only playing DESTINY at the moment. The graphics are great. Smooth gameplay. Good game.

But more importantly... Dragon Age: Inquisition. Yep, I'm playing that on Xbox 360. I love that series and I pre-ordered that game long ago. Sure, the 360 version has some glitchy graphics at times, but I played all the other Dragon Age games on 360 and wanted to keep the streak.

Do I like it? Oh, I love it! It took about 5 hours to get invested into the game--and now--at about hour 25, I am totally addicted. I'm gonna post a picture of my character below (just like I did with SKYRIM).

My Mage. Right after sealing the breach.

It's fantastic how you can import your storyline from the first two games to this one. It has allowed me to have a few plot specific things happen. Very cool.

Anyway, I have not been gaming all this time. I have been writing like crazy. I am almost done my current #WIP which is my seventh book. It is the sequel to my urban fantasy, ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL, which my agent will be shopping around soon. (Maybe already is). This sequel has been tons of fun to write, but I have also been very mindful of everything I am doing. I have had to go back and forth with the previous book, fact check, tie things together just right, etc.

I should finish writing the book this month. When done, I will re-read and edit some. Next month, I will send it to my editor. She knows my writing and my style. I have made some notes for her; things I am questioning and ideas I have for the book and series. I am excited to have her read the story and can't want to hear her thoughts.

At the moment, I'm thinking this book will end up around 118K words, but then edit down to about 105K. Not too shabby.

Other news... I recently re-edited and re-published the first of the SOUL BORN SAGA origin stories. SOUL BORN ORIGINS: OPAL. Click the link below for the .PDF.


The new REBORN edition of SOUL BORN is also ready to go.  I will work on putting it up for sale on Amazon in the new year. Soul Born has been out of print way too long! I want to get it back out as an e-book for all the fans. :)

2015 stands to see a lot of movement and news here: book deals, book releases, book signings. I can't wait. Good bye 2014! Hello future.

Hope you all have a nice holiday and new year.

Kevin James Breaux