Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kevin debates the new generation systems. Still enjoys his Xbox 360

To New Generation System or Not to New Generation System? That IS the question.

The brain of a gamer.

It’s been almost a year since the Xbox One and PS4 were released. And I have not made my move to the new generation systems.

I know. That’s madness! Especially for a serious gamer.

Yep. I’m one of those nutsos who stood out in the cold all night to get a Xbox 360 on release day back in November 2005. And in PA, that was a COLD night!

I’m a lifelong gamer. There is no other way to describe my history with video games.

I was in the arcade on Long Beach Island when I was four and five years old. My first system was the Atari 2600. My dad bought for me back in 1981 when it was seven years old. That day was the ignition of one of my deepest passions… console video game systems. 

Since then, I’ve prided myself with being on the cutting edge, buying systems when they are released. Well, as a kid, within months of their release. I will never forget seeing the NES for the first time in Woolworths in Montgomery Mall.  My mom ended up buying it for me, probably within a month of its release. 

Same with the Sega Genesis. When that was released, I think it was near a holiday, but I bugged my parents into giving it to me early so I could play it more with my best friend during the week off from school. :)

This brings me to adulthood. In college, I took a day off to go to Toys R Us on the day of the Sega CD release. I thought there would be lines, panic, desperation. There was none. I strolled in and pulled one of the first tickets! Remember… in back in the day, you had to pull a ticket at Toys R Us, pay for the game, and THEN get the game from the backroom. 

How was school today? My mom asked.

My one friend at college thought I was crazy for skipping school. BUT at the same time he thought it was cool that I did. Priorities right? I had them! ;)  

(side note kids - during all but my last year of college I RARELY played video games during the school week. Only on weekends. I conditioned myself like this back in middle school and it stuck)

Moving forward, I bought a Sega Saturn on the month of its release and a 3DO pretty much right away. BTW- I traded that Sega Saturn in for a Playstation which was called a PSX back then. I had made the wrong choice of systems in that generation. So when I corrected my mistake it was maybe two-three months after the PSX came out. :)

OH…but from this moment on, I was on point.

When the PS2 came out I was ready. I had pre-ordered it. But those pre-orders took a few weeks because of supply and demand. My friend, who worked at a game store, got extras and sold them on ebay for 2x and 3x their value. I was shocked. And I made a mental note. Next system released, I buy two and sell one.

When the Xbox came out. I was stuck at work, but I sent my dad out 7am to the stores. He scored me one at Walmart. I think they did not set up the Xbox with pre-orders… or I would have pre-ordered one. So, yeah, I only got the one. No ebaying for me.  

Which brings us to 2005… when the 360 was coming out. I had a plan. Pre-order one at Gamestop, order one online, and then head out and get one at some store like Target… But that last part was harder than I imagined.

I live in the suburbs. But I saw fights outside of Walmart and Target. I saw campers. I saw lines that were 100 or more long. I say a mob scene turn bad at Sam’s Club. Where I ended up, was outside of a BJ Wholesale store at 4am. There was one person waiting there. So I joined it. He said he knew they were going to have 10+ systems. So I waited there until they opened. Funny story, the line grew to maybe twenty people. One of them was the Gamestop manager, from the store I pre-ordered my system. So I got my Xbox 360 and I was pretty darn happy with myself. BUT I still had to get to work. And magically, I did. About 15 minutes late… sure… but I got there and no one knew any better. SCORE!

The Xbox 360 has been my primary system for years now. In fact, I would have preferred to keep it that way for another five years.

Still… when the PS4 was announced, I felt like I had to jump. So, I set up a pre-order at Amazon. There was no way I was heading out to stand in a line again. I’m too old for this 4am in the cold crap. :)

A few months passed and I cancelled that pre-order. I just wasn’t feeling it. And I was kinda broke. Then the Xbox One was announced and I never bothered to pre-order it. Part of me said I was making a mistake. The hype! The hype! It was sucking me in.

I guess I matured… I guess I got smart. See, I remembered all the warnings from the previous generation. Buggy systems. Overheating systems. Price drops. No good games… etc.

Then I started thinking back to those early Xbox 360 days. Yeah, me and the Xbox 360 didn’t really gel until about 2008 when FABLE came out. But it really wasn’t until 2009 when I fully embraced the system. In my opinion, it took a few years for the “good” games to come out. I was playing WoW, and nothing on Xbox 360 stole my attention from it.

Now… Now, I play a ton of 360…. and can’t imagine moving to a new system. Even if its Xbox to Xbox. Especially with no backwards compatibility. Yeah, I one of those guys who bitches about that with every system.

But the biggest thing for me is this… Microsoft is releasing its best games for both 360 and Xbox One… so why bother moving to the new system?

I mean, I can’t deny the pull. I can’t not think of how I was normally going crazy waiting for the new systems to arrive. Just like that South Park Ep. where Cartman is waiting for the Wii. lol

Poor guy. He just wants the new system to come out.
My gamer brain.. (Mother Brain seen above) says… You should buy that new system. You always buy them right away. What are you waiting for? You need to get that new system!

But then I think. Okay what games would I play on it. One of maybe a couple that are out? Then I look back at the 30-40 games I have for Xbox 360 and think… Oh look, SKYRIM and Dragon Age: Origins. I can still play them. I’m fine waiting.

So when will I move to the newest generation systems? No plans as of yet. Had Dragon Age: Inquisition came out ONLY on the new systems, that would have forced my hand. But nope, it’s out for 360 and that will keep me busy for a good six months. Sorry Sony and Microsoft. Maybe Black Friday 2015.
Oh look, my Skyrim character...

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Kevin James Breaux