Friday, October 17, 2014

Kevin James Breaux's been busy. Busy writing.

You all know my motto. :)

Been busy.

First off. My streak with being in the top 10 and top 20 at Publishers Marketplace stretched well into Sept. I was still holding strong in the #1 positions for a while that first week, but then dropped the second week. I am still amazed how long I was listed. Thanks so much to all of you who were visiting my page.

So, I've been writing pretty steadily for the past two months. I'm working on the sequel to ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL, which my agent has read and loves. Hopefully, it will land a deal in the next six months to a year. I'm patient…but yeah, I’m also excited to see it out there on its own two feet. OK… I can’t wait for one of my newest works to be released. They really showcase my skills and all I have learned in the past three years.

The sequel to OSHFT has yet to be titled, but I have several working titles for it. I haven’t picked one yet. You know me, the title and cover art are both as important as the book itself. I love a good witty title, and hate the bad boring ones. :)

Over the past two months, I've written close to 20K words. I'm moving slow with this book because I'm researching a lot of things and also going back to the first book to fact check. I keep saying "I'm being mindful when writing" now. I guess that’s my overused tag at the moment, but it’s true. I want to make sure the two books, which are separated by a small amount of time, are tightly woven together. I'm building a nice paranormal-urban fantasy world here and want it right. 

I also had one of those moments, rare for me, where I wrote 5-6k words and then deleted them and started over. I had one character take a turn for the bad and then was like…meh…that may not work well for readers. So I did struggle for a week with how to fit a few plot puzzle pieces together, but I'm back to smooth sailing now. Around 82K words at the moment. Now in the third and final act of the book. I’m very happy with it.

This week, I got an e-mail from a fan in the UK. She found Soul Born in a store not long ago, bought and read it. She was very kind in her e-mail, and knew all about my issues with Soul Born’s former publisher. She reached out to let me know how much she enjoyed the book… and get this… she was surprised I replied. I always reply. Authors out there who do not reply to fan e-mails… SHAME ON YOU!  :)

Here is a quote from the email:

“I also wanted to contact you just to say I did read your book and I thought it was fantastic. I often find it hard reading books within that genre, since there's so much history and background to take in, its sometimes a tad too much. But I followed your story really well, I thought it was a great read, wonderful characters, stunning plot, it was amazing! And I have to confess the ending made me shed a tear or two.”

The weirdest thing to happen recently. Someone totally challenged me on a topic that is REALLY personal to me. I mean really personal. It was not an attack. And this is not something I would fight over, but something I was shocked to hear and made me wonder. It kinda knocked me over. I was like… WOW…someone actually thinks that of me? Me?

Every artist has a fire that fuels them. My fuel is my own. Being challenged as I was made me rethink if I was properly feeding my fire. The answer was clear. I’m not. So I need to adjust. In the end, I realized this; maybe, just maybe, this person's words will actually make me a better artist and writer now. 

So, I’m off to write. I have big hopes for 2015. I'll have the sequel to OSHFT done by then. I start the re-edit of BLOOD DIVIDED and the e-book publication of the all-new version of SOUL BORN. I look forward to writing the sequel to my Norse Age book, and well… I'm positive my agent will find an amazing publisher/publishers for my work she represents. 

(Hi, TOR. How you doin'?)

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux