Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kevin James Breaux signs with Agent Marisa A. Corvisiero

I did it!

It’s funny. Sunday night, I went to bed feeling exhausted. Just feeling really horrible about myself. Full of doubt. Yeah, I kinda wanted to cry. 

I woke up the next morning around 7:30am. I walked downstairs to turn on my computer, and while I was waiting I turned on my phone. I was half-awake when I looked at my inbox on my phone and my eyes were still sleep-blurred. I scanned over my emails and saw one I was waiting for but in my poor attitude from the night before, seriously doubted I would see. I opened the email and speed read it. To my complete and utter disbelief, I saw words in that email I had only dreamt of (and fantasized about) in emails but never had seen before. It was an offer of representation

I wanted to shout. I wanted to cheer. But I still could not believe what I read. So, I read it again as I walked back up the stairs. It was true. An agent liked my work and wanted to represent me. 

When I opened the bedroom door, I woke up my wife. Not knowing what else to do, I held my phone high above my head, it’s glow like a torch, and I said, “I did it.”  She looked confused so I repeated. “I *&%$# got an agent. I finally did it.”

I made her day.

When I replied to the agent’s email, I was so filled with adrenaline that my hands were shaking. Typos? Yeah…lots of them. My whole day forward was filled with bliss-filled typos. I was just so excited that I couldn’t seem to type anything right. :)

But man, I got my agent. Finally. AND I got a good one.

It all feels like a dream. I have been hunting and chasing agents since 1999. Even more fervently since 2007. I’ve kept a very detailed database and many spreadsheets. I tracked all my queries; marked down when they were sent and when they were replied to and of course if they were rejections or requests for more work. I kept all those files. I mean, they represented a lot of hours of work.  Dozens of snail mail letters and tons of emails. I mean a metric butt ton! (OK…probably close to two thousand emails.) 

But as they say. It only takes one. 

After all these years. After so much hard work. I finally got my one. 

Welcome my agent:  

Literary Agent - Marisa A. Corvisiero, Esq of the Corvisiero Literary Agency.

That was my Monday. I was in a haze all day. I was busy responding to emails, messages, FB and Twitter comments. People wanted to know what my big news was. They wanted to know what I was hinting at. But hey, I was afraid to jinx it. And like I said. I was in a haze. I had won the lottery, the big jackpot. NO WHAMMIES got me! I was floating high on life…and by the end of the day I was exhausted. lol

Tuesday, I spoke with Marisa and she OK’d the announcement. So I quickly made it. I wanted so bad to make it something like, “Today will be a day that will live in infamy.” But that was taken, and infamy is BAD! ;)

Yeah, I wanted to say something witty, but I was still in a haze and felt like this was all a dream. So I just spilled it.

Take a moment… Wow. I’m proof that hard work pays off. 

People really do win on MTV! (That’s for all of you old enough to remember that catch phrase.)

I worked hard. I never gave up. I made sacrifices. I saw the good and bad of the industry I wanted so badly to be a part of. I went to war. I saw combat. I got the scars to prove it. But again, I never quit.

What did we repeat everyday in Karate? Winners never quit. Quitters never win. I choose to be a winner. Well, I choose to be a winner. And man, do I feel blessed.

I’m truly humbled by this. I feel so lucky to have all the support of all my social media friends. I’ve had some really nice and great people lift me up through the years, from my mentor Jonathan Maberry to my editor Gretchen Stelter. I’ve had the endless support of my parents. The love of my wife, who has seen writing make me so happy… and constant rejection really give me a good beating. I have support from people that I met years ago playing WoW, or met through reviews of my older books. Good people who, for some reason, have stuck by me all this time and still encourage me and reward me with sincere applause for my achievements. 

Those people are all angels in my book. (Hey, as a writer, yes, I could make them all angels in my books…so... Ha!)

As I type this, I’m very aware of how lucky I am and how everything has changed overnight. I’m becoming what I have wanted for a very long time. I’m getting my wish. It’s exciting. Then again, nothing has changed at all. I’m still going to work hard. I’m still going to help my friends. Hell, I remember when my mentor told me he would not be happy until his whole group succeeded. I know how he feels. I want to bring home a win for everyone now, and then I want to make sure the other people who I know are working just as hard as I am also reach their goals. 

That’s what real winners do.

Thanks all,

Write Makes Might!
Kevin James Breaux


Monday, April 28, 2014

Huge Announcement Coming from Kevin James Breaux

Huge Announcement Coming from Kevin James Breaux.

Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow. But I promise. It's big. It's very big.

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kevin James Breaux current Publishing History

Here is my current Publishing History with awards listed. This shows the major works published, not guest posts or interviews on the internet.

Sadly, Hellfire Publishing went out of business in 2013. I had a lot of short published there. I've had this happen before. Publishers go out of business or simply vanish sometimes. Victims of the bad economy or an often changing market. I note them as defunct below.

Kevin James Breaux Publishing History

Dead Man's Party - short - ebook
Hellfire Publishing - 7/26/2013 (2013 defunct)

The Journal of USS Indianapolis Survivor: Stefanos “Stevie” Georgiou” - short printed in Zombie Jesus and Other True Stories Anthology. Won 3rd place Preditors and Editors poll 2012
Dark Moon Press - 11/3/2012

She. Her. You. - short printed in Slices of Flesh Anthology. Bram Stoker Award Nominated.
Dark Moon Press - 3/29/2012.

Beer VS Zombies - short
Dark Moon Digest Magazine Issue #7 - 3/20/2012

**Blood Divided - novel
Dark Quest Books - 12/30/2011  (paperback) 11/27/2011 (kindle)

Geek's-eye View - article
Suspense Magazine November Issue 11/6/2011

Dark Water: Beaming Smile - novelette. Won 3rd place Preditors and Editors poll 2011
Hellfire Publishing ebook 10/2011 (2013 defunct)

How the Castle BREAUX was built. - article
Suspense Magazine August Issue 8/10/2011

Top that Pokemon! - article
Suspense Magazine July Issue 7/1/2011

Mother's Milk - short printed in Too Much Boogie
L-L Publications 4/2011

A Battle of Ego - short printed in Anthology of Ichor III
UnEarthedPress  4/2011

A Way to a Man's Heart is Through His Stomach - short ebook
Wicked Wednesday - My Vamp Fiction  1/5/2011
Hellfire Publishing e-book 4/2011 (2013 defunct)

**Soul Born - novel. Won 1st place Preditors and Editors poll 2010
Dark Quest Books - 11/30/2010

The Darkness part #7 - short
A Tale of Many Reviews as part of the 2010 Spooktacular Event 10/2010

Ending Summer Nights - short. Won 9th placed P&E poll 2010
Lucrezia Magazine 5/2010  (2012 defunct)

Only the Dead will Stand - short printed in Dead History: a zombie anthology
Living Dead Press 2/2010 

Love in the Time of Zombies  - short
Lucrezia Magazine 8/2009 (2012 defunct)

For The Team  -short
Bare Back Magazine 8/2009 

Bang! Portugal  - short. Won 3rd place Preditors and Editors Poll 2009 (2012 defunct)
Lucrezia Magazine 2/2009 

Dead Man's Party (original version) - short
1st publishing to Written World Magazine 6/2008
2nd publishing to Lucrezia Magazine 11/2008  (2012 defunct)

**Soul Born and Blood Divided are no longer offered by Dark Quest Books. The rights have returned to the author and the books will be re-published in new editions soon.


Kevin James Breaux

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Life of My First Book. From Breaking the Circle to Soul Born

From Breaking the Circle to Soul Born.

What a trip. How many mistakes can be made with one book? Many. Too many.

I’ve told the story of how I was taken advantage of before. This is not that story. This is a timeline of how my first book came to be and how it arrived at where it is now.

When I was in college in 1997-1998, I was writing on the weekends. Mainly Sunday night after my girlfriend went home. I wrote for fun, and I wrote as a catharsis. But soon realized it was the only artistic outlet that really allowed me to get what I had in my head out onto paper.

One day, I decided to try and write a book. To actually turn my “story” into something.

1997-1998 - I started writing a “story.”

1999- I realized I had something. I had a book. I WROTE A BOOK! I called it BREAKING THE CIRCLE.

1999- I went to the local Barnes and Nobles book store and found one of those Literary Agent guides. I start sending out SNAIL mail submission packages with a S.A.S.E inside. (click here for what a S.A.S.E is, if you don’t know.)

1999-2000 - After six months to a year, some of my S.A.S.Es came back with form letter rejections.  Some post card rejections were sent to me as well. Nothing like a postcard from an agent/publisher with  only the word, “Pass” written on it. No luck.

2000 - An “agent” asks me to pay him X amount of dollars to read my book. I do. He later calls me on the phone and tells me everything I want to hear. I didn’t know any better, but I was ripped off/scammed. (first mistake)

**Now comes a dark time in my writing history, a part of my life I have mentioned before in many interviews. I’m not going to go into the painful detail again, but I was taken advantage of big time. I was lied to and ripped off. Screwed royally. In a blink, I had spent close to 5K and Breaking the Circle was self published at Xlibris (with no edits).

2002 - I was tricked into self publishing BREAKING THE CIRCLE. (second mistake)

2003 - I soon realize I made a dire mistake. But I accept it and try to make the best of it. I work hard and line up book store signings. I manage to get my book on the shelves of major sellers… my hard work pays off and I am chosen to represent Barnes and Nobles Jekintown, PA as their pick for best new local author of the year at a huge New Author Event.

2004 - I start writing the sequel to Breaking the Circle.

2005 - The sequel to Breaking the Circle is finished it is first called: A PROPHECY UNFULLFILLED.

2005 - I meet Jonathan Maberry in a chance encounter at Jekintown, PA Barnes and Nobles. We talk for about an hour inside and outside the store.  I learn a lot.

2006 - I rewrite and change A PROPHECY UNFULLFILLED to THE THREE SHADES OF GREY. (yes, in 2006 that was my title!)

2007 - While seeking help for my writing career, I bump into Jonathan Maberry again. Now he’s in charge of the writer’s house I had gone to before. He’s cleaned the place up and turned it legit. He offers me some of the best advice of my life. I join his writers group. Shortly afterwards, I sell my first short story and become a full member of the HWA. ( Maberry becomes my mentor.

2007- I pull Breaking the Circle from Xlibris and buy up some of the copies online. (yuck)

2007 - Following Maberry’s advice I start to re-write Breaking the Circle. I change the names, the places, the plot…almost the whole damn book. It was reborn… and it becomes SOUL BORN.

2007 - I start sending out queries again. Hard core.

2007 - I start writing the third book in the series. I call it: THE DEAD TOMORROW.

2008 - Still sending out queries like a mad man.

2009 - I receive a partial and then full request for SOUL BORN by Dark Quest Books.

2009 - By the end of the year, I have signed a contract to publish SOUL BORN with Dark Quest Books.

2010 - One year later… With a publication date looming, SOUL BORN has yet to be edited by Dark Quest Books. I’m panicked. They've lost track of their editor. Turns out he/she was in the hospital. Edit Job Epic FAIL! (third mistake)

2010 - Dan Dos Santos paints the cover of SOUL BORN after I commission him directly. It’s the dawn of a lifelong friendship!

2010- November. SOUL BORN is released and appears on and other online sellers.


2011- Dan Dos Santos paints the cover of BLOOD DIVIDED. I nearly have a heart attack, it’s THAT awesome!

2011 - December - BLOOD DIVIDED is released on and other online sellers.

2012 - Blood Divided is released in kindle format, but my publisher makes a major mistake and publishes an early unedited draft. I nearly have another heart attack. (another mistake; not mine!)
2013 - THE DEAD TOMORROW is re-written, doubled in length and becomes FLESH ENDED.

2014 - After some great reviews for both books, and some decent sales, I decide it’s time to fix these books proper. The contracts come to an end and I request the rights back. (it’s time to fix those mistakes)

2014 - March. The rights to the Soul Born Saga return to me.

2014 - Soul Born is re-edited. Typos and errors are fixed. Bad POV shifts are removed. I clean up passiveness and I add some internal thought for the main characters, as well. Why? Because a few of my most trusted readers asked me to. Soul Born is in the hands of my editor now. She’s re-reading it and checking the work I did. She’s making sure it’s mo-better. J

FUTURE - SOUL BORN: Re-Born edition will be released as soon as it’s ready.

In conclusion:

I know SOUL BORN will never be a 10. It was written SOOOOO long ago. It was my first book. But I want to take this 6 and make it an 8. I want to do this for myself and for my fans. I want the people who have supported me to see what the story was always meant to be. That is why I requested the rights back. So I could re-edit it; not re-write it. Re-writing it would make it a whole new book (again). I have no intentions of that. That would be going backward, not forward.

I have grown as a writer. In 2013, I reached a new level. (leveled up for you gamers out there.) I don’t want to make Soul Born something it wasn’t meant to be. I just want it to reach its fullest potential.

So there you go. The life of my first book. From beginning to now. A long road, right?

But hey… since Soul Born, I have written five more books. And I’m currently writing a sixth and seventh.  Soon, I hope to be defined as an author by two new series.  Oh, and I swear to it, I swear by the great powers of the universe, that one of those new series will be published by a big time publisher.


Kevin James Breaux