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2013 a year in Video Games - Kevin James Breaux

I had to break up my end of the year, 2013 post, into writing life and gaming life. Here's the gaming side of my 2013.

This is the first time, in as long as I can remember, that a new system came out…and I am not lusting for it. I mean, I recall wanting a Sega Genesis from the moment I first read about it. I wanted that thing BAD. And I got one pretty soon after it was released. I think my parents bought it for me for X-Mas or my birthday and I bugged them for it until they gave it to me early. I probably used my best friend Andy as part of my reasoning for wanting/needing the gift early.

              “But, if you give it to me now, Andy and I can play it all weekend, and then Christmas Eve…”


Man, a bunch of years later, I hunted down a Sega CD system on its release day. Yep, I took a day off from College for that one. I remember getting it at Toys R Us near the Montgomery Mall. I was so proud of myself… literally no lines or nothing, I was thrilled to get it. Next day in class, I told my friend and he was surprised that THAT was the reason I skipped school. He also thought it was cool I did so. :)

I purchased a Sega Saturn during its first month out. Meh. I only played maybe 4-5 games on that system before trading it for a PSX.

Later, I pre-ordered my systems, and got them on release week. Like XBox and PS2. But my Dad did try and get me an XBox at Walmart on release day morning. He made a valiant effort. He saw the madness.

When the XBOX 360 was released, I went out at 2am in search of one. That was insanity and I will never do that again. I saw fights, mobs, angry parents, women with children in the dead of night-cold. But I did score one. AND…get this…I made it to work!!! (OK, I was like an hour late, but no one noticed.)

So you would think I would, at the very least, preorder a new Xbox One or PS4… NOPE.

I am waiting.

Is it because this lifetime(lifer) gamer has matured? Have I grown up in 2013???? Can’t be. I still have almost all my systems: Atari 2600, Nintendo (original and top loader), Genesis, Sega CD, Sega Nomad, 3D0 (yes, I bought that one), PSONE, XBOX, PS2, XBOX 360…. The only ones I did not keep were my Super NES, NEO GEO, and Sega Saturn. I am a serious gamer, yo! So why am I not excited about the new gen systems?

I did buy a Neo Geo X this year. Some people, even IGN, call it the best system to come out in 2013. Funny, right? I even bought a super cheap Xbox 360 bundle on Black Friday. $99!!! and it came with 4 games. It is the newest version of the Xbox 360. Smaller, better cooling, different input…etc. I bought one because the price was right and I wanted to upgrade my original release day Xbox.

Side note: I did have one XBOX 360 die on me. It was my second one, I used it in my media room, and it overheated and died. So now I always sit my systems on chill pads. Funny progression from the days I always used ULTIMA cloth maps to cover my systems and keep them dust free.

BUT yeah, still no new gen love in my heart. Maybe by the end of 2014… when the next Dragon Age game comes out. That will be some good motive for me. OR a new Star Wars Battlefront… oh…

So what did I play in 2013? I was still playing Skyrim. I must be 300+ hours in. I have played it off and on since it came out. I finished the main game and all its DLC. I just love going back and playing more and more. I still have quests. I can still find things to do. That’ the sign of a great game. I really love Skyrim. It may be my favorite game for 360.

In 2013, I also played Saint’s Row 4. And loved every second of it. I mean, I loved Saints Row the Third… but man 4 is even better. And the X-Mas DLC is priceless. It made my holidays to play and I played it literary over the 22nd-25th of Dec. I can see myself going back and playing that game a second time soon.

Of course, I played a metric butt ton of Halo 4 multiplayer with my Killtastic teammate BeerPope. We played nearly every weekend and still do.

Other games I played in 2013: Enslaved, Tomb Raider, Duck Tales Re-mastered and XCOM. I really loved the turn based strategy of XCOM. I would get caught up in missions until the late hours of the night… Good times.

What am I playing in 2014? I downloaded Fallout3 for a few bucks. I am really enjoying that. I will be playing Diablo 3 soon too.

I will probably return to Skyrim and Saints 4 at some point. But I am hoping to get some retro gaming in this year. Like I did in 2009-2011. I always want to return to NES and Genesis games. I was thinking about playing all the Streets of Rage games again soon. And Masters of Monsters.

Games I am looking forward too? Titanfall. Destiny. Dragon Age 3. I would love another turn based strategy game too. Something huge and epic, like Final Fantasy Tactics.

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

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