Monday, September 16, 2013

Hellfire Publishing closed. 3 of my works currently unavailable. Looking for new homes.

Hey all,
Last week I was informed that Hellfire Publishing was closing. As in closing ASAP and today I checked and all of my works with them are gone. It's sad. Hellfire was a good group of people. I liked their editors, and other authors and their owner was very kind to me.
Sadly... these works are currently unavailable, but I will be seeking new outlets for them.
A Way to a Man's Heart is Through His Stomach - short story - published 2011
This was an early work on mine. A short story turned into an e-book by Hellfire. I loved their cover for it.
Dark Water: Beaming Smile - award-winning novelette - published 2011 .
Dark Water: Beaming Smile was well reviewed and was my first story to be on the prelim ballot for a Bram Stoker Award. It won a P&E readers poll award and it was even "acted out" in an old radio style reading (audio book file online). I am sure this one will find a new home soon. Also a great cover.
Dead Man's Party - published 2013
Dead Man's Party has had a long life... sorta kinda (and its a zombie story so, yeah that is also a pun). This was the first short story of mine to be professionally published back in 2008 and with its sale I gained access to the HWA. When its original 6 month contract ran out it was published a 2nd time in 2008. Hellfire picked it up in 2012 and re-edited it. It was only just published in July. Too bad its already gone from Amazon.
I will probably re-edit the first two and search for homes for them in 2014. If you are a publisher and interested in adding them to a collection let me know. Until then, I continue my search for an agent and keep writing.
Write Makes Might!
Kevin James Breaux

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