Tuesday, September 10, 2013

August, I'm glad you're gone. Time to write!

Hey all,
Well, August was not the break I was hoping for.
I was planning on taking the month off, and relaxing… resting my mind and my back. Sadly, things went sideways quick. My back was killing me for the first two week(really-really bad), and then my one dog, Amelia, died. She was almost 13, and had a heart condition…so it was not like her passing was unexpected…but she died at 3am, from a heart attack, right in front of my wife and I.

RIP - Amelia.

I was not prepared for that. Or the sadness and other messes that followed.
So August was a bad... bad... bad month. Not very relaxing at all.

Not. At. All.

All I can say for August is that I did finish re-watching Alias (which I started at the beginning of the Summer), and I did begin to re-watch Star Blazers and BattleStar Galactic (new version). Later I will blog about all the interesting comparisons I am noticing on those two Space Operas.
In late August, I did revisit my MG Boys Horror… but only to re-read it, not to finish it as planned. I am working on that now.

So September is about rebirth, renewal, and rebooting!
I have plans. (just like the Cylons!) Time to write!


So how was my re-watch of Alias? Well, I remembered a lot more of it than expected. And I never did watch the final season, only the last episode, during the original airing. I really enjoyed watching the first two seasons again. That first season is really amazing stuff. Great fun and well-written. I have to admit... I remember thinking Jennifer Garner was pretty before, but as my tastes have matured, I guess I found her more attractive now. I really appreciated her athleticism this time around; man she is physically fit and kicks ass!
Her famous blue dress.
You know, I guess I missed most of the season that she was pregnant before… and watching it now I found it really kinda annoying. Maybe because the whole season was structured differently… and I did not like that. APO (blah!) Although, I did like Fred, from Angel as a villain.
It still bothers me that Vaughn did not die when he… um... died... but more so, why does Sydney call her boyfriend, the father of her child "Vaughn" when his name is Michael! Well… not even. That's his alias… ug!

But all and all it was fun to re-watch and actually see the parts I missed before (because of Karate and just giving up on the show, I sadly say).
I will admit. I missed Jack Bristow and his scowl. He's a refreshing kinda character, in my opinion. He takes charge, is in control, and shoots first… cause he already has the answers. No not Jack Bauer... I said Jack Bristow!

That's right he's looking and scowling at you!

Oh, if you have not watched it lately, go re-watch the first season and be mindful of Bradley Cooper's weird hair and one red eye. Both will freak you out.

My favorite episode? Season 1 eps. "THE BOX - part 1 and 2." With Quentin Tarantino.
Kevin James Breaux


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