Saturday, July 27, 2013

2nd Book Handed to Agent. Reflections on My Work.

Hi all,

Well, my year of editing is finally done! (actually more like 18 months straight, but-yeah that includes another project...)

It's hard for me to believe. I'm done. I'm really done. It has not really sunk in yet. I mean this has been one hell of a year. I feel war torn. I think I've gain 10-12 lbs. My back is wrecked. I have not been on social media much, (has anything happened?) and I swear my hair has more gray in it. Holy crap, I'm almost 40! WAIT... is Avengers 2 out yet? Did I miss it? lol

The Editing War is hell.. But Write Makes Might!

(Queue that funny sitcom dream sequence/flashback effect.)

It all began in 2012...

Last Sept., I had a bunch of agents interested in my writing. Then one agent pointed out something important to me. A flaw in my writing style that would be easy to fix once I saw it. And when she pointed it out... I saw it. Holy wow, I saw it. So I decided it was time to re-read and re-edit both of my unpublished works, the urban fantasy and the Viking age dark fantasy. I worked hard and fixed them up, and then sent them both to my editor to review my work and changes. She helped me fix them up and off the two books went again to a new agent who was waiting to see them. This agent and I connected in many ways, so I wanted her to get first crack at them.

To my shock, she pointed out another flaw in my writing. Again, my eyes were opened. I had no idea I was making these two "mistakes". Readers seemed to like my writing, most reviewers too... but there were some reviewers who said there was something off about my style... and now I know what that was.

I went right back to re-reading and re-editing both unpublished books. And I am happy to say it was a great learning experience. Months went by. I worked seven days a week on these books. 40, 50, 60 hours a week. I pushed and pushed on. I am the owner of large sum of determination. My will to succeed has never been as great as it is now. Trust me.

My three phase edit plan was solid. I stuck to it, did the work, and just yesterday... I completed it. Both books fixed and handed in to the waiting agent.  Win!

I am very pleased with how the books are now. That being said, I did learn a lot about myself as a writer. I was writing on a 5 or 6 level and I was happy there. I didn't know better. I mean, I knew I was not Anne Rice, Stephen King, or G.R.R Martin... but I was OK.

That's was then... last year.

When Michelle, the agent who has my books right now, suggested this new edit, RIGHT after I finished the last edit, she opened my eyes to a new concept. Why be happy at 5 or 6 when I could rise up to a 7 or 8. Yeah, me, an 8! I could do it. And I am very close now. I am so glad she took the time to help and speak with me. We connected as author and agent, but even better, as two people with lots in common and similar senses of humor. Not gonna lie, she's super cool! :)

So what does this all mean moving forward? Well, I want to fix the Soul Born Saga. The first two books have issues that I could easily fix now and make them rock, like from Brett Michaels rock to 1990s Metallica rock. No offense to Brett, he's a cool dude and all. Hey Brett, if you want to play some Halo 4 on X-Box Live, I'm down. :)

All jokes aside.

First up is landing an agent. It's time to go pro. Then hopefully one, if not both, of my unpublished novels will find quick homes. *cough* (Tor) *cough*

In the meantime, I will be finishing up a MG Boys Historical Horror. After a small break. :)

Write Makes Might, y'all.

Kevin James Breaux