Thursday, June 6, 2013

One book handed to agent. One more to go. And Breaux's go to Star Trek!

Taking a moment to breathe after months of editing.

Yesterday, I handed in one of the books I am re-editing for an agent. You know, I have been editing three different books for the past year now, right? Crazy, huh? But man have I learned a lot and grown a lot as an author. Holy wow. :)

Back in February I designed a three phase edit plan, scheduled my time and attacked the job. I finished the Urban Fantasy edit on Monday. It was a nice feeling to finally be done and with the agent's great advice, and with the help of my kick-ass super editor, I really cleaned my book up. It's never been this perfect. I'm very happy with it.
Since I have been working incredibly hard, eight plus hours a day, on edits these past few weeks and weeks and weeks... I refused to go see Star Trek when it came out. NOT until I was done the first book's edits. I knew I would not enjoy the movie until I was done. AND if you know me, or read this blog, you know I'm a huge Star Trek fan, so this was tough.

The Breaux's at the IMAX

So... June 5th... noon... I finally got out to see the movie. Star Trek Into Darkness in IMAX 3D. It was amazing... but, um, what is with these huge Mickey Mouse glasses??? My wife and I were laughing our asses off and then had to take selfies. She looks better than me of course. I looked like hell. I had not shaved or cut my hair in weeks.

Anyway, right now I have a small break before I start the last half of the phase three edits. The Viking book.  That should take me 4-5 weeks when it comes back from my editor.

Good news is, the agent liked what she saw in my newly polished Urban Fantasy novel when she took a sneak peak. I really hope this agent signs me this Summer. She and I have a lot in common. We have similar work ethics, history and senses of humor. We would be friends out there in the really-real world, no doubt! It makes for a great team when you pair an author and agent with such similarities, not to mention one of her clients is a online buddy of mine. :)

So wish me luck all. I still have lots of work to do, but maybe I can finally reach my dream of having an agent represent me... soon. (well, soon-ish)

Until then: editing Viking book, finishing MG boys horror book, writing two short stories for anthologies and lots of gaming. :)


Kevin James Breaux

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