Thursday, June 27, 2013

Movie Production Company and my Urban Fantasy novel - 18 months later.

Hi all,

Remember this?

Back on 1/3/2012, I got an email through my website from a representative of Unique Features Films. I mentioned it here and on FB. Seems like forever ago.... Anyway, she was project developer and she wanted to read my unpublished Urban Fantasy novel for "film potential". Well, I already had a copyright on it so I felt safe with the idea, but like any responsible writer, I checked her credentials and emailed some agents for advice on how to proceed. As many of you know, I ended up sending her the full manuscript to read.

A month passed and she found me on LinkedIn and connected with me there. I felt it was a good sign. We traded a few emails and then... nothing. I never heard back.

I kept researching her and the company and eventually found that Unique Features Films had signed a contract with another author with an Urban Fantasy book. So, I emailed that author and asked a few questions. Everything was legit. I had nothing to worry about.

A few months ago, I discovered that the person who had contacted me and was reading my book, had left the production company. Not sure exactly when, but it seemed like it was not long after they had my manuscript. So, I have no idea whatever happened with my book. Was it read? Was it lost in the shuffle? Did the development lady read it, but never pass it on, because she left the company? I would have liked an answer one way or the other.

Still, it was an honor to have a production company want to read one of my books, especially an unpublished one. And this was the first time, I have had other production companies interested in me since, but without an agent representing me... Well, I think these deals are better handled by the professionals. Know what I mean?

So, two nights ago, I was sitting watching TV with my wife when I saw a new movie trailer. Looks like the other author who Unique Features signed when they were communicating with me, actually got her project done. Congrats to her. :)

It's called THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS . Maybe you have heard of it.

The movie trailer reminded me of this whole thing and I thought I would blog about it. I'm thinking that I will try and contact the movie company again now. I re-edited that book they requested twice in the last year. It's super polished and ready to go. Maybe they will enjoy it better now. Or maybe they never read it before. Like I said, maybe only the project developer who seems to left their company read it.

If I had an agent, I bet they would know what to do. :)

You never know. 

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

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