Friday, September 21, 2012

Excerpt from SHE. HER. YOU.

Below is an excerpt from my short story SHE. HER. YOU. It can be read in Slices of Flesh.

     Driving home, I could not erase the image of you lying on the kitchen floor. Your long, black hair was fanned out and glistening like a peacock’s feathers. Each strand painted upon the floor with the precision of an artistic master. Your back was arched up, greatly pronouncing the suppleness of your breasts through the fallen open dress shirt which had yet to be fastened. Nestled in my favorite shiny, satin, crimson bra, they sat upon your chest flawless in their symmetry. The tiny, black pleated skirt I bought you for Christmas last year had flipped up, most likely while you writhed about on the floor. Peaking beneath its shadow was the soft curve of your buttocks. A hint of color could still be seen from underneath your eyelids where those beautiful, emerald eyes hid. It was a scene I imagined I would never forget. Shaking my head, I thought how odd that in the end as ugly as death was, you still were beautiful.

Again, my mind rewound the day to the moment I found you.  Thick, pink foam had formed at your mouth, and spilled out to the black and white checkered linoleum where it pooled into a puddle the size of one of our large serving plate, you know, the one we used last Thanksgiving. Tears had streaked your normally thick eye makeup, which had been a sparkling shade of purple. Your left hand sat up next to your face, most likely, as I imagined, reaching to your mouth when realized you were choking to death.
Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Star Trek Voyager re-watch time...

I recently finished my Star Trek Voyager re-watch. I was a little iffy going into this one. Basically, I was so sad to see DS9 end (during my re-watch) that I needed more Trek. Being kinda desperate I went for it.

Funny thing is, I remembered some eps from the early seasons, but could not recall the last two seasons at all… well, with the exception of remembering the last 5 mins of the finale. I have a good reason; I was in Karate 3 nights of the week back then and Voyager was on one of those nights and I just didn't care enough to tape it. (Back in the VHS days).

While watching Voyager I decided to do that same things I did with DS9. I checked the ages of all the actors during the early seasons. I was honestly surprised by how close the ages of all the actors on the VOY cast in comparison to the DSP cast. For example: Chakotay -- played by Robert Beltran. In season 4, which was filmed from 1997 to 1998, Robert would have been about 44-45 since he was born 1953. This was kinda a big shock to me, I thought he was younger… I REALLY thought he was younger than Janeway… Wow, I was wrong.

In DS9 you had the characters of Jake and Nog who were played by young actors, but the rest of the cast was born in the 40s, 50s and 60s. With VOY the cast is all born within 10 years of one another… okay, not counting Kes… but she did not last long… (note: Kes and I are the same age!)
Again, I entered this re-watch wanting to know if I would relate to the characters differently now that I was older and closer to their ages. I remember one of the reasons I never lovedVoyager in the past was that I never clicked with any of the characters. None of them. I did not root for anyone like I did Sisko… or Dax. I guess you could safely say, back in the day, I did not really like any of the Voyager crew. I was kinda ambivalent.

So re-watching it now, like 11 years from when it ended (18 years from when it started... whoa...) I thought, hey maybe I will finally relate to Chakotay… or maybe Paris…

Sadly, I did not relate to the characters I felt were focused toward me. Chakotay? Nope. Paris? Nope. Kim? Nope. I did not even enjoy the Kim-Paris friendship like I did the Bashir-O'Brien one.
But here is something odd… I actually found the best eps. were those centered on the holographic doctor. I really liked his character this time around. I found his stories funny, smart and well written. I don't think I was especially fond of him before. So maybe my feelings towards the series had changed.

OK. Now for the elephant in the room.

She had me at resistance is futile...

When I was younger and Voyager premiered the season with 7 of 9… I recalled thinking… oh, they must be hurting for ratings cause they brought in a big boobie girl in a cat suit. I remember thinking her body was nice and that was that. I guess their ploy worked on me a little, because I did keep watching.

True story, I was attending a Star Trek convention alone, I normally went with my buddies: Chris and/or Sean. I remember this one con very well, because it was dead--almost empty. Super low attendance. Very creepy.

I remember standing next to a 7 of 9 life-size card board standee. I was staring at some movie posters on the wall behind her. As I stood there for maybe 15 mins…. At least two dozen women walked by complaining about 7 of 9. Comments like, "she's ruined the show" rang in my ears. These women at the convention hated her. They made all sorts of mean remarks. I will never forget that moment because I was like… I just don't get it.
I was young and stupid. I get it now. I very much get it now.

Please forgive me... HOLY CRAP BALLZ Jerry Ryan has a flawless body. I guess in my 20s I was too immature to truly see or appreciate her, but that woman is a goddess. She's incredible from head to toe; borg and non-borg implants and all.

Now I get why women hated her back then. Sure, the anger might had been misdirected a little, but you can't ignore how she was clearly being over-sexualized and used to bring in more ratings on the show. No one else wore a cat suit that hid nothing… not a damn thing. No one else wore high heels (did they?).

Moving on. Sorry, I get confused when I think too hard on the subject...
So was I more engaged by Voyager after 7 of 9 appeared this time around? Hell yeah. I recalled loving an ep where the Horigen took the ship and were using the holodeck to hunt the crew. When I got to that two-part episode during my re-watch I was excited. And guess what? It was just as great as I remembered.

As a fan of American history, you know I loved the Q Civil War eps. too. The cool setting mirrored the American Civil War and had some funny moments. A few of the time travel episodes were good, but it does get to the point where that plot gets overused. It's against the temporal prime directive… and Janeway don't give a shit! Oh, did I mention how God awful horrible the two-part episodes with Ed Begley Jr. and Sara Silverman are? Oh, they are bad. Very, very bad.Thank the heavens for other good cameos, like King Abdullah Of Jordan, Tom Morello of the band Rage Against the Machine and The Rock. ;)


Most of the doctor eps were great. I enjoyed him mentoring 7 of 9 and really enjoyed her learning how to interact with people…or go on dates… etc. One gem I never saw before was the episode where 7 of 9 was romancing a holographic Chakotay. Fascinating. If I had to pick a favorite episode it would be based on a single moment. The moment the EMH engaged the new Emergency Command Hologram protocol and his costume changed color and get got additional pips. Freaking hilarious! The episode centers on the Doctor having day dreams, all of which are great. It's called "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy. "

Emergency Command Holograms are the coolest!,_Tenor,_Doctor,_Spy

Overall, I'm glad I re-watched Voyager, even if they did entirely discredit the Borg. Geeze, it used to be a scary, one way trip, getting assimilated. Now? Meh, you might just end up in sick bay a few days... no problem. But-yeah it was fun to watch the show regardless. There is just something very calming about sitting back, taking a break and watching some Star Trek episodes. It's been almost a year that I have spent re-watching DS9 and now VOY. So do I move on to another Trek show? I'm not sure. I don't think I could deal with Next Generation… I watched all those so many times in syndication and never connected to that show like I did DS9. That leaves Enterprise…. um, yeah…

*side note* I'm re-watching Magnum P.I . and I just finished season one.

Kevin James Breaux