Monday, July 9, 2012

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Blood Divided by Kevin James Breaux

Blood Divided

by Kevin James Breaux

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Friday, July 6, 2012

FLESH ENDED is done.

Hi all,

Well, first off, let me announce that FLESH ENDED is done and handed into the editor. I finished writing it at the end of June and then spent the past week re-reading it. The final word count is just under 180,000 words.  That marks the longest book I have written to date AND my fifth completed adult lenght novel.

So let me tell you about my last couple months. In the beginning of April 2012, Flesh Ended was at 110,000 words, which is where BLOOD DIVIDED and SOUL BORN were when completed. BUT I wanted to add more, much more. I set a schedule to finish the book by the beginning of June and set a word count goal of 140-150K. So began the battle! At the end of April, the book was sitting around 125K words... I wanted to write more, but I severely sprained my ankle and could hardly walk or sit at my desk to write. I had to keep it elevated and iced for weeks. Eventually I managed to work through the pain, but it was slow going.

In May I started having some really bad back issues. I normally have "kinda bad" back issues. So I went and got a back x-ray and guess what, I have a disc down at the bottom of my spine that has slid WAY forward. It was preventing me from sitting at my desk extended durations, exactly what we authors do. So I started rehab and was sitting for an hour, then stretching... then kneeling at my keyboard for an hour, then stretching... and on and on... but by the end of May I reached 140K words. Slow going...

So there I was... June and my original schedule to finish the book was passing me. So I set a new goal: finish Flesh Ended by the last week in June... re-read it and have it in the editor's hands on July 5th.

June was my Thunderdome.

June 1st -- 150K.  June 10th -- 156K.  June 19th -- 167K.  June 26th -- 180K. Done.

Yep, I wrote 40K words in less than one month. This is when I would use my motto:

"Write makes Might!"

All and all I'm happy with how this book turned out. I wanted to give my fans and readers a longer book, originally thinking 30-40K more words, and I ended up over twice that. I'm sure it will get edited down some. My editor likes to make things concise, and I love that. So my bet is the book ends up around 167K. 

So what's next while I wait for the edited file? I will be taking a few days break first. Then I will go to work on the MG book I started. Update all my sites, and hopefully edit some short stories that were sold this year. I will also return to my agent search....

Thanks all,

Kevin James Breaux