Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Story: New Anthology.

Hi all,

Sorry I have not updated in a while. I'm working tons of hours these past two months with the goal of finishing FLESH ENDED by the end of June. I originally thought the book would make it to a word count around 140K. To my surprise I'm at 160K and still have a while to go... Seriously, I'm writing the final battle and it's just begun. :)

So, I wanted to announce some great news!

My short story, The journal of USS Indianapolis survivor: Stefanos "Stevie" Georgiou, was accepted into a new alternative history horror anthology by Dark Moon Books. I wrote this story for this anthology, so I'm glad it got in. This was one of those moments where I decided to try something new and difficult, way out of my comfort range... it required lots of research and... it turned out great! I was very pleased with what I created, so I;m double-pleased it sold and will be printed this Fall 2012.

Hey, maybe this will be my Bram Stoker Award story this year... hint hint...

Kevin James Breaux