Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Slices of Flesh is out! Find one of my short stories inside!

Hi all,

Been a while, I know. I have been super busy. I am still working on FLESH ENDED, the third book in the Soul Born Saga. It's at over 122,000 words now, longer than its predecessors. I am at the final battle, which will cross several chapters and bring me to about 140,000 words before it's done. I am very excited to finish it.

Also, following the advice of my mentor, Jonathan Maberry, I began a new secret project. It will not be done for at least two-three months. BUT once again I am challenging myself to writing something new and out of my comfort level. I like to do this once a year, so I gladly accepted this new one.

Also very happy to announce that SLICES OF FLESH came out end of March, beginning of April. You can read about it on the publisher's site here: and order it at BN or Here is the Amazon link: .

Inside SLICES OF FLESH is my short story (flash fiction) called SHE. HER. YOU.  It originally was the first few pages of a horror book I was writing, but then that book got lost in the mix of projects. So I re-edited those first pages into a story that would work in this antho.  This was one of those times where I was invited to submit something, I love that, and I am happy with the results.

So what else have I been doing? Well, I finished SKYRIM, and hit something like 150 hours of gameplay in that game. No lie, 150 hours. I can still play it longer too, although the two main quest lines are done, I want to control the thieves guild. But I am taking a break and moving on to ME3. 

UG! Just the other week, I rolled my ankle really bad. Sprained it, I guess would be the term. It was really bad for a few days, but has gotten about 75% better. Now it's just slightly swollen, stiff and sore. This is not the first time I have hurt my foot, so I know it takes forever to heal. I am trying to rest as best as I can... but yeah...

So what's coming up? Soon I will release two Soul Born Saga short stories. Free!  I would like to get another piece of art done too. We shall see. I am querying two novels still, my Urban Fantasy and my Dark Fantasy/Horror.  I would really like to see an agent pick one of them up before the end of the summer. I think both are good for the market right now, and the Urban Fantasy one is being read by a movie production company right now... which only furthers my case--it's time to get that one sold to TOR or DAW. :)

Oh, FYI - I just got on Pinterest too.

Thanks all,

Kevin James Breaux