Sunday, March 4, 2012

THIS is my SKYRIM character... and she rocks.

Hi all,

So, I recently had some people ask me about my SKYRIM character. Being that I am still playing the game I thought it would be a great time to take a moment to talk about her. OK… OK, I admit, could talk about my character and this game for days…

TALA – named after one of the leads in the SOUL BORN SAGA—is a Wood Elf Thief class. She specializes in Archery, Stealth and Light Armor, so most of the time I am armed with a bow sneaking around. At level 40 now I am just starting to put more points in Speech and One Hand Weapons. I had, from time to time, added points to speech to raise the amount of money I made selling things, but now I am getting to the end of that line where I can invest money to make more.

Funny thing, I did not intend to make her look like any actresses, but the other day I realized she kinda reminded me of someone and I just figured it out. My Skyrim version of Tala looks like Lake Bell. See;

It's not just me, right? I mean Lake Bell is prettier but...

So I am currently 100 hours into the game and I just finished the Civil War Quest. I sided with Ulfric Stormcloak and the rebels. We just took Solitude a couple nights ago. It turned out to be a little harder than I expected. All the other fortresses were easy picking. Something about the city attack had me… a skilled archer… stuck full of arrows. I kept moving to high ground, but I was targeted more than Ulfric himself. So I was not getting off as many shots as I wanted. I had to shout away a lot of Imperials that rushed me too. Not complaining there. I love a good shout.

When we finally cornered the General and Legate it was a three on two fight and the Legate dropped fast. Fearing I might not have a chance to properly loot her, I quickly grabbed her armor before the General and Ulfric started talking. When given the option, I let the big boss kill the general, which ended with a funny little moment. Ulfric chopped him in the back and he stumbled forward, tripped over the Legates corpse and his knees buckled… (LOVE that Skyrim physics engine). When he dropped it was right on top of the other body. I had to take a cell phone photo and I swear to the Nord Gods, this is how it was. I did not move the bodies.

That is how they landed. Which was a great WTF moment for me.

So after staring a moment, I joined Ulfric outside for his speech. See me there below;

This is what Tala normally looks like with the Nightingale armor on and her ebony bow.

You know, my character did not always look so bad. I swear the game ages you and you get more war torn. Well off to finish the rest of the main quest. I guess another 50+ hours of game play at least! What is this I hear about Mass Effect 3 coming out this week?

Kevin James Breaux

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