Monday, February 6, 2012

Updates: New Guest Posts and Interview! Queries and Submissions!

Hi all,

First up, the celebration of book release giveaway for BLOOD DIVIDED ended this weekend and Goodreads sent me the list of lucky winners. I will be sending out those books at the end of this week. I also have a few more review copies I need to mail... Time to start packing books!

I'm happy to say I had two things go live last week. One guest post and one interview.

The interview I did was with Literary Escapism. I added some nice excerpts in it. You can read it here;

The guest post, which is in my series of goofy ramblings about stuff (all for fun), is at Dark Faerie Tales site and can be read here;

In other news, I started submitting two books to agents in January. One Urban Fantasy-Action Adventure which I want to turn into a 5-7 book series. The other a brand new Viking Age Dark Fantasy Horror in a Alternate History genre. That book is some of my finest work and I'm very proud of it. I would like that book to start a series too. At least 3 books, maybe 5. 

And.... Starting the first round of queries in the new year! Yay ( /sigh)

Right off the bat, January started with a really interesting email. I was contacted by Unique Features Films, a production company created by the New Line Cinema guys. They saw one of my postings on Publishers Marketplace and asked to read the full manuscript of my Urban Fantasy novel that I am submitting. (good thing its copyrighted) So I sent it to them in mid Jan. Shortly afterwards I had a full request for that same novel by one of the top agents in the business. So I am happy I am getting some interest. So far no solid offers, but I am really hoping 2012 is my year.

In 2012 I'm planning on: sending out queries, finishing book 3 in the Soul Born Saga and writing another new book.  Above all else, I need an agent. You hear that Mayan calendar. I need an agent before the world ends... unless me getting an agent is a sign that the world will end. Whoa... freaky...

Kevin James Breaux


  1. Great news! Wishing the best for your 2012 goals! Aaron said he is really liking BLOOD DIVIDED. :)