Saturday, November 19, 2011

OK, I was a little starstruck at my first big multi-author signing event.

In this picture: Kevin James Breaux, Brent Weeks and Peter Orullian.

It's funny how one week can be so different than the last. Last weekend I was sitting next to Brent Weeks at the fifth annual Powell's Authorfest. Yes, that Brent Weeks! ( And now? Now, I am sitting in my darkened home office listening to Overkill, wondering how much more editing I will get done today and when I can get back to playing Skyrim.

How was the Authorfest? It was very exciting. Tons of people showed up... for Brent. :)  Man, that guy rocked it. He killed it. He dominated. I watched... in awe. At times I was like, dude, I want to be you. Well, that was before I met Peter, who I really want to be like. LOL.

Brent was super-friendly and had a line of fans that kept him busy the entire event. One girl looked like she was going to pass out from the overdose of glee she felt when meeting Brent. I swear it was a sight to see. It was not until the end that I got a chance to talk to Brent a few minutes, and guess what we talked about? Skyrim! Good guess!

I'm not just an author at home, I play one in the real world.
 On the other side of me, another legend... Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (not pictured). I know what some of you are thinking, why would you want to sit between two such popular authors? Well, I requested sitting next to Brent and between the two I learned a lot. It helped me prepare for the next signing I have.

I must say, the Powell's staff handled the event professionally and did an amazing job keeping books stocked, checking up on us authors, and keeping the masses moving. I would 100% suggest to anyone who has not attended an Authorfest before to hit next years. I hope to be there.

So I said this on Facebook earlier, but I need to repeat it. Ever since leaving PA, I have not had a chance to connect with other like-minded authors, and being at this event I was able to feel some of the camaraderie I have not felt since sitting in a room with Jonathan Maberry, Don Lafferty and Al Sirois. When the show was over I had a chance to finally met Peter Orullian, who I connected with instantly by picking on Brent's lack of fantasy author recommended hair style (hint: ponytail).

So I knew of Peter's work before the event, but had not had a chance to read any of it. ( See, I did my homework and read the bios of all the other authors in attendance, and well... Peter is the MAN!  This guy is everything I want to be:

Heavy Metal Rocker...check.
XBOX employee...check.
Tor Author... oh, hell-yeah-check!

Three very dangerous minds in Dark Fantasy.

I hope to someday get a chance to hang with these guys again. Had my head been in the game, I might have asked them and theirs to join me and mine for dinner, but as I say in my title of this entry, I was a little starstruck and being the "new guy" there I did not want to push it. Next time. Next time.

Thanks all,

Kevin James Breaux

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