Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dark Water: Beaming Smile Read and Acted Out? YES!

Go listen to my scary horror story acted out like the old days of radio!

Hi all,

I am so honored to tell you about this one. My short story (novelette) Dark Water: Beaming Smile was chosen to be acted out / read on The Drama Pod for one of its Halloween shows. You can go to the site here: http://thedramapod.com/drupal/node/326  and listen to it. It's about 1 hour long, but you can save it in MP3 format and take it with you. 

My story was acted out by Nicole Villacres, who really captures the lead character, a woman stuck on the roof of her house during a flood. I am impressed with this actress on so many levels.

Dark Water: Beaming Smile is my first real attempt for a Bram Stoker Award, so I am hoping it is read, listened to and enjoyed by many.  Please feel free to comment here, or send me emails about this story.

Seriously, when I listened to it I was so excited and freaked out. I mean it's surreal hearing your work read like this... in an old radio "War of the Worlds" or "The Shadow Knows" style. So cool!

Side note, thanks to all who entered the Soul Born Kindle give-away. I emailed the winners today.

Thanks again,

Kevin James Breaux

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