Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rewatching Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Wait how old is Sisko?

Star Trek Deep Space Nine has to be my favorite show of the 1990s. It aired from 1993-1999. Yes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on in the 90s, but late. So I mean a show that ran entirely in the 1990s, and during a time where I had just finished high school and was in college. Deep Space Nine is also my favorite of the Star Trek television shows. I loved that it was serialized, in fact, this was the first show that I watched that I realized was serialized and it’s where I learned the term. Now I prefer all my shows to be formatted as such.

I was a loyal follower of the show, saw every episode, and then saw them all again and again in repeats. I have said in interviews that I used to watch repeats Deep Space Nine on some local PA-NJ channel on a small B+W TV in my office when writing early drafts of SOUL BORN. I loved the show that much!

It has been a few years since the show has been on the air. So when Netflix offered up all 176 episodes I was thrilled and started right up watching them. At the moment I am finished season 1 and 2 and I am excited to begin season 3, as it starts one of the biggest story-arcs.

You know, its funny, when I was younger I never really thought about the ages of the actors playing my favorite characters on shows, but now, at 37, I find myself obsessed with it. Like while watching Hercules this summer, I realized Kevin Sorbo and I were the same age… well… now we are… kinda. See, when I watched Hercules I was in my early twenties and he was in his late 30s. I had no idea how old he was then, but now when I watch it he and I are the same age. So I kinda relate more to him now.

My obsession with finding out the ages of the actors carried right over into Deep Space Nine, when during the first episode I was like… Hey, I wonder how old Kira is?

When Grandma comes to dinner you have a Nana Visitor? Get it... yeah I didn't either.

 (funny story, I meet her at a Star Trek Convention in Valley Forge, PA when I was probably 20 years old. She teased my friend Chris... I wonder how old I thought she was then. Actually, I don’t think I cared)

Anyway I started my research.

Let's pick Star Trek Deep Space Nine season two as the place to start. The year was 1994. I was 20.

Ben Sisko- played by Avery Brooks would have been 48 years old during season two.

--There is no way I would have imagined he was 48 back then, or even now as I watch it. He looks so young!

Dax- played by Terry Farrell would have been 31 years old during season two.

--I guess this makes sense, as back then I think I assumed everyone on the show was in their 30s for some reason.

O’Brien – played by Colm Meaney would have been 41 years old during season two.

--Re-watching it now, I think there is a conversation early in season two where Dax and the Doctor guess that O’Brien is not 40 yet. That's funny now that I know he was actually 41. I am watching Hell on Wheels, which Colm is in, and this guy does not age.

Kira – played by Nana Visitor would have been 37 during season two.

---That shocked me. I would have imagined she was the same age as Terry Farrell. I am 37 now, and watching season 2 I have a hard time imagining Nana and I are the same age, she looks much younger. And since when was she a red head? I remembered her with brown hair... so strange.

Bashir – Played by Alexander Siddig would have been 29 years old.

Other than Jake and Nog, he would have been the closest to my age. This I find hard to believe too, as I would have figured he was older than 29. At least he acted older.

Why does this matter to me now more than before? I guess because I am getting older and find it easier to relate to older characters? I do remember a time, in high school, when I found out all the original 90210 actors where in their mid twenties, except that one guy who was in his thirties. I was really disturbed that such older actors were all playing teenagers.

ah, the sweet comfort of the 80s...

I mean, Magnum P.I. felt like a show about a guy in his mid thirties and well... Tom Selleck was in his mid thirties. That worked for me as a kid. Now Paul Wesley, on the Vampire Diaries plays a 17 year old vampire. He is currently 29 years old. Hmm… in about six years the guy will be old enough to be his own father.

Now that is weird.

Kevin James Breaux

Monday, November 28, 2011

Alert: Do not buy current Kindle copy of Blood Divided. Publisher uploaded wrong file.

ALERT: If you see Blood Divided on Kindle this week. DO NOT BUY IT.

MY publisher uploaded an old file and it is full of bad formatting and does not have the map or the acknowledgments.

HUGE MISTAKE! But it's getting fixed ASAP.

Please wait until next week to purchase it. I will let everyone know when its fixed.

FYI- the printed version of the book should be available mid December.

Kevin James Breaux

Saturday, November 19, 2011

OK, I was a little starstruck at my first big multi-author signing event.

In this picture: Kevin James Breaux, Brent Weeks and Peter Orullian.

It's funny how one week can be so different than the last. Last weekend I was sitting next to Brent Weeks at the fifth annual Powell's Authorfest. Yes, that Brent Weeks! (http://www.brentweeks.com/) And now? Now, I am sitting in my darkened home office listening to Overkill, wondering how much more editing I will get done today and when I can get back to playing Skyrim.

How was the Authorfest? It was very exciting. Tons of people showed up... for Brent. :)  Man, that guy rocked it. He killed it. He dominated. I watched... in awe. At times I was like, dude, I want to be you. Well, that was before I met Peter, who I really want to be like. LOL.

Brent was super-friendly and had a line of fans that kept him busy the entire event. One girl looked like she was going to pass out from the overdose of glee she felt when meeting Brent. I swear it was a sight to see. It was not until the end that I got a chance to talk to Brent a few minutes, and guess what we talked about? Skyrim! Good guess!

I'm not just an author at home, I play one in the real world.
 On the other side of me, another legend... Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (not pictured). I know what some of you are thinking, why would you want to sit between two such popular authors? Well, I requested sitting next to Brent and between the two I learned a lot. It helped me prepare for the next signing I have.

I must say, the Powell's staff handled the event professionally and did an amazing job keeping books stocked, checking up on us authors, and keeping the masses moving. I would 100% suggest to anyone who has not attended an Authorfest before to hit next years. I hope to be there.

So I said this on Facebook earlier, but I need to repeat it. Ever since leaving PA, I have not had a chance to connect with other like-minded authors, and being at this event I was able to feel some of the camaraderie I have not felt since sitting in a room with Jonathan Maberry, Don Lafferty and Al Sirois. When the show was over I had a chance to finally met Peter Orullian, who I connected with instantly by picking on Brent's lack of fantasy author recommended hair style (hint: ponytail).

So I knew of Peter's work before the event, but had not had a chance to read any of it. (http://www.orullian.com/) See, I did my homework and read the bios of all the other authors in attendance, and well... Peter is the MAN!  This guy is everything I want to be:

Heavy Metal Rocker...check.
XBOX employee...check.
Tor Author... oh, hell-yeah-check!

Three very dangerous minds in Dark Fantasy.

I hope to someday get a chance to hang with these guys again. Had my head been in the game, I might have asked them and theirs to join me and mine for dinner, but as I say in my title of this entry, I was a little starstruck and being the "new guy" there I did not want to push it. Next time. Next time.

Thanks all,

Kevin James Breaux

Monday, November 7, 2011

SOUL BORN Signing at - Powells Books Events: Sci-Fi Authorfest V

Powells Books Events: Sci-Fi Authorfest V

Sunday, November 13th @ 4:30PM Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing

3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd. (800) 878-7323

Sci-Fi Authorfest V

A starfleet of science-fiction and fantasy authors descends for one galactic booksigning event. Attending authors include: Camille Alexa, Brent Weeks, David Levine, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, Peter Orullian, Mark Ferrari, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Kevin James Breaux, Meljean Brooks, Devon Monk, Lilith Saintcrow, J. A. Pitts, Timothy Zahn, Irene Radford, Ru Emerson, Adrian Phoenix, Andrew Mayer, Mary Robinette Kowal, Shannon Page, Claude Lalumiere, M. K. Hobson, Brenda Cooper, Vonda McIntyre, Louise Marley, and Ursula K. Le Guin. And in attendance will be the Cloud City Garrison of the 501st Imperial Legion with the Kashyyk Base of the Rebel Legion.

Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dark Water: Beaming Smile Read and Acted Out? YES!

Go listen to my scary horror story acted out like the old days of radio!

Hi all,

I am so honored to tell you about this one. My short story (novelette) Dark Water: Beaming Smile was chosen to be acted out / read on The Drama Pod for one of its Halloween shows. You can go to the site here: http://thedramapod.com/drupal/node/326  and listen to it. It's about 1 hour long, but you can save it in MP3 format and take it with you. 

My story was acted out by Nicole Villacres, who really captures the lead character, a woman stuck on the roof of her house during a flood. I am impressed with this actress on so many levels.

Dark Water: Beaming Smile is my first real attempt for a Bram Stoker Award, so I am hoping it is read, listened to and enjoyed by many.  Please feel free to comment here, or send me emails about this story.

Seriously, when I listened to it I was so excited and freaked out. I mean it's surreal hearing your work read like this... in an old radio "War of the Worlds" or "The Shadow Knows" style. So cool!

Side note, thanks to all who entered the Soul Born Kindle give-away. I emailed the winners today.

Thanks again,

Kevin James Breaux