Thursday, July 21, 2011

Check out how Dan Dos Santos painted the cover of BLOOD DIVIDED.

BLOOD DIVIDED cover painted by Dan Dos Santos
I love the cover of my next book. I really do. It has the most amazing reds, and Dan really captured the character of Megan, Opal's daughter. The other day someone said this looked like a female "Beast Master", I think that's a cool comparison. :)

If you visit Dan's blog, , you can read about his process in creating the cover for BLOOD DIVIDED, the next book in the Soul Born Saga. Reading his post really added to the experience I had working with him. Dan is amazing.

I will be releasing more information about this book soon on my Soul Born Saga site Please keep watch. 

Thanks so much,

Kevin James Breaux

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thanks to 1249 people! New Cover soon! New Review!

Hi all,

I wanted to thank the 1249 people who entered the 3rd SOUL BORN giveaway. I am amazed so many people entered. It's very cool, and I appreciate each and every person who did. Makes a writer feel good; seeing those numbers! Also this means I will keep having giveaways since there are people who are still interested. 

BIG NEWS. Monday I will be posting the new cover art painting Dan Dos Santos did for me for the sequel to Soul Born. Curious what the book is called? I will post the title and a small teaser too. Check Soul Born's site for the news. After Monday expect to see the full, finished cover in the next two-three weeks. I am doing layouts now, and might be close to finishing it, but I am waiting on some cover quotes. Hell, I might show to cover without the quotes!

A new review came in for Soul Born at Midwest Book Review this week. I am very excited about this one.

Soul Born
Kevin James Breaux
Dark Quest Books

For success, some can be driven to topple empires. "Soul Born" tells the story of rising magician Opal, driven to be recognized for her arcane talents. When a warlord seeks to destroy her land, Opal doesn't despair and instead embraces the opportunity. But no road to recognition is easy, as she finds allies in elves and hardened war veterans to claim her place. "Soul Born" is a fast paced and fun world of fantasy, highly recommended reading.

Thanks again!

Kevin James Breaux