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TV shows of 2001. It's been a long road… getting from there to 2011.

Hi all,

One of my shows is ending this year and it makes me sad. Not entirely because I will miss this show that I have been watching for 10 years, but it’s sort of the end of a TV era for me. Let me explain.

Smallville Season 1

Back in 2001 when Smallville premiered, I was living in my first home, a townhouse in a town called Jamison, PA. It was a brand new development and a brand new home. The place was small but cool, with three levels, the basement being the best man cave I have ever dwelled in.

2001 was a great year for Television, and my three VCRs were recording shows constantly. I became a master of VCR programming at this point in my life. There was NO way I was gonna miss one of my shows… and there were a lot of them.

Buffy Season 5

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on in 2001, it was the fifth season, which is a great one although not my favorite. I like the fourth season most because of  the Initiative...I know people don't always agree with that statement... sorry.  Anyway, the season ending in 2001 gave us the penultimate episode as we witnessed the death of Buffy.
Angel Season 2

Angel was in its second season, again not my favorite of this series either, but a good one. I mean we did get to see Angel and Darla get it on... hey now! I like the last season of Angel the best... to many good things happen to name. (Angel was turned into a Muppet for God Sake.)

Alias Season 1
Alias began its first season in 2001 and so did Star Trek Enterprise. I watched both and enjoyed them both. I also remember breaking my foot in karate while sparring and then going to a neighbor's house and watching Alias while icing my foot.  Ah, the good old days. Well, not all good, I mean I was still deeply missing Star Trek Deep Space 9, my favorite of all the Star Trek series ever… I remember crying during the last episode. Yes, I said crying. Sniff…Sniff. DS9 (1993-1999) I miss you!
Star Trek Enterprise

Would you believe Xena was in its last season during 2001? Yeah, I loved the Hercules and Xena shows, but for some reason I missed the last seasons of both. Sure a bunch of months separated the end of Xena and the beginning of those other shows, but it was still the same year.
Xena Season 6
I think the most important premiere in 2001, for me, was a show that became a huge cult favorite of mine. I mean I love this show so much, the music, the actors, the plot, the episodes… I still watch and re-watch them… Mutant-X.

Here is the season 1 into:

AND you can watch part 1 of the first episode here.
Mutant-X Season 1
In 2001 we were blessed with Smallville, Buffy, Angel, Alias, Xena, Star Trek Enterprise and Mutant-X. All of those shows have come to an end… the last standing being Smallville. See now why it ending makes me sad? It IS the end of an era. Watching that show reminds me of an easier time in my life. A time where I had a bunch of friends who came over and played video games, role playing and board games in my basement. Letting go of this one show is like severing a connection to my past.

With Smallville ending, so will those days where SO many great shows were on TV at once.

I mean BSG has come and gone, so has LOST. ROME only had two seasons… What do I watch now? I watch Vampire Diaries and True Blood. I very much enjoy the STARZ Spartacus series, but how long can that last? They killed everyone off! I watch some reality shows like the Amazing Race, but I need good scripted programs and I prefer they be serialized. I was a fan of the X-Files, like most people, but it was "monster of the week"…. wait… when did X-Files end?

2002? Really? Wow…. HOLY SHIT! Then add that to my list above. I was watching X-Files in 2001 too, but I cannot remember it. It was season 8 of 9... Oh yeah, a Dogget Season... meh...

X-Files Season 8
I wonder what we have to look forward to as TV watchers? Something Sci-Fi or Fantasy that will last more than 5 or 6 seasons?

Poor Legend of the Seeker….You were fun while you lasted.

Well back to writing. I have 3 books to finish this year, and not a whole lot of TV shows to distract me.

Thanks all,

Kevin James Breaux

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  1. Well, if you'd like to try out a show that's still going pretty strong that's over 5 seasons, there's Supernatural, that's my personal favorite (granted if you watch Vampire Diaries you've probably already heard of it!)

    Man, Buffy was something else. My favorite season was probably either 2 or 6. I love the Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike angst, I can't help it. The Initiative was a cool season arc to the show, I'll agree that much.

    I never really got into Angel just for fear of him developing past his Buffy days. I have seen select episodes of the last season and the one episode where him and Buffy finally get to...y'know. So sad!

    And Xena, the childhood favorite... Gah! So many good shows! At least now we have DVR so there's not necessarily VCR recording craziness (I feel your pain there and have since forgotten my recording skills sadly enough.)