Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kevin James Breaux Updates in the Top Ten

Publishers Marketplace Top Ten Writers. Week of Feb 21st.
If you are not already familiar with Publishers Marketplace its a great site for authors, agents and publishers. I visit it everyday and look at the most current book deals. I like to see what agents are selling and what author are having great luck. Publishers Marketplace is the old finger on the pulse of the literary market. Well, if you look closely at the screen-shot above I cropped it down to a small section which sits on the right side of the site's homepage.

Look at me Mom, I'm in the top ten! 

The middle of last week my name popped up at number ten and rose up to the sixth place position where it rested for two days! How in the world did that happen? Well, my guess is that it was a result of my current round of submissions. I'm actively searching for an agent to represent my new series of Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Thriller books. The first book is done and ready to go, so I've been pitching it to agents. I guess some of those agents looked me up on Publishers Marketplace, which is great! I have had an author page there since 2007.

March begins another very busy month for me. While working on submissions I will be attempting to finish a new book over the next three months. I'm also planning on pitching some ideas to a few comic book companies. I just figure, I have been reading comics since the 80's and back in the 90's tried to break into the business as an inker; so it makes sense that I would turn one of my many creative concepts into a comic series.

Wish me luck!

Kevin James Breaux


  1. Sounds like a very spiffy endeavor. Makes sense since you're also an artist. Congrats on being on the top ten for a bit! :D Good luck with the agent search too.

  2. Thanks! I will say art school was both fun and hell. 7+ years of art school... yeah.... I really enjoyed all the figure drawing classes I had. Drawing from live models is always a blast.