Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yes, I still own all my Pen and Paper RPG Games.

Look what I still have...

Dungeons and Dragons modules from my collection
 Packed away safely, years ago, I must have 50 or more D&D modules all in great condition.  Someday I would love to read all of my old D&D books, manuals and modules again. From time to time I pick up my the old Monster Manual or Deities and Demigods books just to page through. 

Hard bound D&D books, hell yeah!
 When I was a kid I was totally in love with all the artwork on and inside these books, and to date I am still a fan. I look at these books and get all inspired... I mean look at the cover for Beyond the Crystal Cave (first pic above), I could write a whole story based on that painting alone.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well I will give you a three thousand word short story easily!  Maybe the D&D folks should have a writing contest from my idea right here... hmmm...

I also managed to save a few other items between house to house moves. Check out these two Dungeons and Dragons Endless Quest Books (choose your own adventure).

Circus of Fear
Mountain of Mirrors

I remember these sets being so hard to find, always sold out.
I even have a small collection of lead D&D figurines. Yep, the lead ones from the original batches made in the 1980s.  If I had a dollar for everytime my Mom complained that they were made of lead... What did she think I was doing with these figures? Chewing on them? No that was Chris!

For some reason, I just cannot bring myself to sell or throw out any of my old RPG games. I still have all my Top Secret, Star Frontiers and Car Wars books.  Okay, to be honest, I have a ton of Car War stuff.  Car War remains the RPG game that I had the most fun playing growing up, and by growing up I mean I was still playing Car Wars with my friends: Andy, Chris, Bob, and Sean way into our mid 20s. Holla!

Kevin James Breaux


  1. Wow...only "RPG" game I ever had growing up was "Blood Royale", granted that one was a family favorite. My family LARPed when I was a kid, or, that's how I see the SCA today.

    But it's awesome you still have these. Who, knows, maybe they'll be worth millions if you ever get the urge to sell them sometime in the far future.

  2. I looked up Blood Royale, and I am pretty sure a friend of mine had that. I don't think we played it, but I remember at least staring at the boards and pieces. Looks cool. Did you have Axis and Allies or Shogun, board games?