Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quick Updates - New Articles are Live

Just wanted to quickly list a few new places on the web that are talking about me or Soul Born.

On 12/16/10 a new article I wrote went live called, "Kevin Breaux’s Long and Squirrelly Road" at Tia Nevitt's Debuts and Reviews blog site. New Article Here.

Read how I went from a student with bad grades to an author. See and excerpt below;

"...I did what came naturally and grew a beard. No really, I finally focused on my true love, something I had discovered a long long time ago, but could never quite give the effort needed to, ice fishing! No, I’m kidding, I focused my energy on writing!"

On the night of 12/17/10 I did my first LIVE Internet Radio Show with Suspense Radio. It was fun, and I hope to be featured someday soon.  If you would like to listen Click Here, and Download the 12/17/2010 show.  My part comes on around the 25 minute mark.

A good followup to my article up top there, is one that went live today. Kevin's Ten Years can be read on Dark Faerie Tales blog site Click here.

I briefly talk about it taking me ten years to find my first publisher. Check out this sample;

"...seriously, that’s how much time I have spent honing my skills as an author and I admit there are days my mind starts to calculate all the hours I have invested crafting pretty words and the totals are insane. Oh, not to mention all the hours supporting my endeavors online; tweeting takes time!"

Thanks again to Dark Faerie Tales, Suspense Magazine and Tia Nevitt.
Kevin James Breaux


  1. Saw your book at Dark Faerie Tales - want it! Went to your book site and entered your contest for a copy - hope I win - but...if I don't, where would I be able to buy a signed copy?

  2. At the moment if you want a signed copy you have to go through me. I will be having some more in store book signings soon too. If you do not win, I am sure there will be future contests, and maybe I will sell signed copies on ebay or something. I will make sure you have a signed copy one way or another. Thanks!!!

    Kevin James Breaux