Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Favorite Buffy Episodes Part 1

It's no secret that Joss Whedon is one of my favorite writers. I really enjoy all of his work. That being said, I am comfortable saying I am a huge Buffy and Angel fan. There's just so much to enjoy in all of the 254 episodes of those two shows, too much to talk about in one post, or even 100 posts.

This past summer I watched all of the Buffy seasons over again. Like my 7th or 8th time through them all. (Only beaten by how many times I have watched Mutant X) With them all fresh in my head I wanted to post a quick list of some of my favorite eps of Buffy, and why.

This is part one covering seasons 2-4. (yes I skipped season 1, I will apologize to The Master, later) First off I should say that Season 4, The Initiative Season as I call it, would be my pick for best of the first 4. Although I do not like the big bad of that season, I really enjoy all the character development and all the fun Spike moments.

Season 2 - My favorite episodes of this season are those by Joss Whedon himself. The Becoming 1+2 rank as the best of the series, to this date. Spike's role is amazing in the battle of Buffy vs. Angel. His dialogue is witty and fun.  The cinematics and music behind the moment where Buffy races to the library to save Kendra, but it being too late, are breathtaking.

Season 3 - The Wish - Written by Marti Noxon. I love the different world here, where Xander and Willow are vampires. As a huge fan of The Master (you are the best thing about season one), its equally awesome to see him here, in a story where he is really in control of Sunnydale. When Buffy arrives, with the scar on her face it seals the deal for an excellent, chilling story. I love the slow mo battle as Buffy lays eyes on the Master and they each fight toward one another. Angel is dusted, and Buffy walks right through his remains (like Buck Rogers through a space ship explosion) only to get her neck wow.

Season 3 - The Zeppo - Written by Dan Vebber - I love how the whole hellmouth apocalypse story takes a back seat to Xander and his problems. I also love how they over dramatize everything Buffy and Angel say and do, furthering the reality of Xander's issues (with zombies, mind you). In the end the Scoobys save the world, and they have no idea Xander saved them.

Season 4 - Hush - Joss Whedon. Possibly the best episode of Buffy ever. Great creepy villains. Awesome plot. Great story telling. Funny moments... and all this without a word dialogue! Yes, and there is that awkward moment where the gang stares at Buffy making hand gestures that might appear a bit R Rated.

Season 4- This Years Girl + Who are you. A two parter. These eps bring back Faith and I love Faith, she is my favorite female character in the Buffyverse. In season four she is at her hottest. (although she has a line in season three where, before a fight, shes says to Buffy "give us a kiss", which is perfection). Solid two part episode, with the second part written by Whedon, that has its strengths in Faith's character... even when Sarah Michelle is playing her. The scene where Faith is in Buffy's body, practicing her lines in the mirror is hilarious.
Kevin James Breaux


  1. So I think Hush is my most favorite Buffy ep of all time! Been watching the show a little bit on Logo but they keep playing the same eps over and over again. But god I miss it.

  2. You can stream the whole series on netflix now. Thats how I watched it this summer. Hush is great!