Monday, November 29, 2010

A Tale of Many Reviews - Character Interviews

Julie from A Tale of Many Reviews interviewed Opal and Tala from my fantasy novel Soul Born. Check out their responses to some fascinating questions.

Julie is doing a Soul Born Giveaway at the end of the interviews. Leave a comment ON HER SITE to enter.

Kevin James Breaux

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kevin's First Adventure!

Adventure for Atari 2600

Back in the early-early 1980s my dad bought me an Atari 2600. I credit this moment, and this system, as being the birth of my love for video games. I still remember most of the games, and have a small collection of them unopened and sitting displayed on a shelf in my media room. I especially like the ones made by Atari because of the amazing painted cover art. (like Atari Video Olympics)

Here is a photo of me and my friend Matt playing what looks like Raiders of the Lost Ark on Atari. This is the earliest photo of me as a gamer. I was probably 6-7 year old at the time, and yes I was rocking an awesome bowl cut.

(wood grain atari and wood  grain tv!)

Of all the Atari games the one that stands out the most to me is Adventure. I guess you could say it was one of the first, if not THE first Action RPG game. Castles, mazes, swords and treasure, oh yeah, count me in. Your quest was to find the chalice and return it to your golden castle while avoiding hungry dragons and a kleptomaniac bat.

I will never forget the day I was sitting at Matt’s house and figured my way around the one maze to the white castle. We were so excited! He and I thought we had discovered something no one else ever had. Call the press!

One of the things I loved so much about Adventure was that it was different each time you played. The chalice was in different locations and the items you needed to find it were too. Just when you think you had what you needed the darn bat would steal it or you would run around the corner and right into one of the dragon’s mouths.

Everyone who played Adventure had a love-hate relationship with those dragons. I mean they looked funny like a dragon-duck hybrid and they had a hollow, see through stomach, which coincidentally was a perfect fit for your little square character. Hey, ever kill the dragon as he swallowed you? Yeah, me too and oh… I could just sit there for hours and watch myself wiggle in the dead dragon’s stomach while being flown around by the bat. Priceless.

Adventure was one of the first fantasy games I played and no doubt the spark for a long love of the genre. I just wish I could make a SOUL BORN game for Atari 2600, that would be rad!

Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pre-order Soul Born at Now and Book Signing Next Week

"Kevin Breaux has a unique style: bold, funny, aggressive and dynamic.  SOUL BORN is a rollicking high fantasy adventure!" --NY Times bestseller Jonathan Maberry, author of The King of Plagues and Rot & Ruin. listed SOUL BORN for Pre-Order. Its release date is 11/30/10. In the meantime early release copies will be at Powells in Oregon for a Nov. 22nd, 7pm book signing. Powell's listing below.

Kevin James Breaux

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dude Where's My Mana? An Article about Magic Power Drinks and Magic

Thanks PaperBack Dolls!

Live at the PaperBack Dolls blog site is an article I wrote on mana. I was asked to write something about the limits of a wizards power and while doing so I could not stop thinking; what does a mana potion taste like anyway?  Here are my thoughts.

Thanks again to the awesome PaperBack Dolls team! Great site, great people, great reviews!

Kevin James Breaux

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Favorite Buffy Episodes Part 2

Buffy changes gears a few times in seasons 5-7. Lots of big moments come to pass: Joyce’s death, the question of marriage, what role Giles plays as mentor, Buffy is alive and then dead… and yes who is sleeping with who. Tough times for the Scooby Gang. Of the last three seasons these are my favorite episodes and why.

Season 5 - Buffy vs. Dracula is an all around fun time. I love how excited all the characters get when they find out that Dracula is real. That he owes Spike money is an added plus. The whole Bram Stoker storyline may seem old, but it is handled with enough goofiness that it's new again. Xander as Reinfield is priceless, regardless of the crazy syphilis.

During that season we get a very emotional, creepy and heart breaking episode. The Body, may be the best written and most powerful hour of the entire series. It's gripping and so real it should come with a disclaimer at the end that no Kristine Sutherland's were harmed during the making. Hats off to Joss Whedon, writing and directing this one.

I would love to say this is my favorite season, but it comes in a close 2nd. Very close. I mean who doesn't love it when Anya steps out of the shadows with some of the best lines. For example, when the Buffybot, asks her how her money is, the look on her face is just awesome. Yes, I do enjoy the Buffybot episode a lot, Intervention, is written by Jane Espensen and Spike and the Buffybot have some great... um... scenes...  together...

Season 6 - I enjoy the Once more with Feeling Musical episode because it's teeming with humor and sex. The episode where the nerds of doom join up and test Buffy is fun too with some great lines. "Quick Jonathan grab your magic bone!" My next favorite ep, for the humor, is Tabula Rasa. I enjoy seeing who all the characters THINK they are when they have their memories erased. That Spike thinks he's Giles's son, and that they hate one another is hilarious. Seeing Red brought a massive amount of realism into the show, like when Joyce died. It has the death of Tara and the birth of Dark Willow. A lot for one ep.

Season 7 - From Beneath has one of the best Spike moments of the series. In the church at the end of the ep, he it stammering, babbling and speaking the most real he ever has, all while trying to tell Buffy he got his spark back. He is so tortured and damaged, that the dialogue is amazing. Very powerful scene.

The season overall is a bit of a downer. Too much gloom and doom for our hero Buffy. I am split between two, when having to pick a favorite. Dirty Girls, which brings back my favorite slayer Faith, is one of my picks for Season 7. Dirty Girls, written by Goddard, has one of the best visuals of the season when they show faith killing a Vulcan. (yes from Star Trek)

Lines like...

“You bit Andrew.”
“ Who?”
“ Tucker's Brother.”
“ Oh....”

And “It eats you starting with your bottom.” Get big laughs. Storyteller, is my 2nd pick for best ep. As its focus is on Andrew and all his awkward and funny terms, like Buffy - Slayer of the Vampyr. Good one Andrew, I hope you survive the final battle! And yes, Jonathan Archer is cool.

Kevin James Breaux

Thursday, November 11, 2010

NaNoWriMo Cover Art!

THE MAIZE QUEEN Cover Art by Kevin James Breaux

My first year doing the NaNoWriMo and I was equally worried about the cover art as I was the actual novel. Having a background in graphic art and digital art, I was concerned that creating a cover would eat up a day or two of the NaNo month. Yesterday, I needed a break from writing so I decided to work up the cover. Since NaNo is all about writing and not editing, jut getting the words out, I designed my cover in the same fashion.  After spending about 5 mins gathering elements, I took 15 minutes and cooked up this cover for my story THE MAIZE QUEEEN.  I hope you like it! For a 15 minute job, I am pretty happy.

NaNoWriMo has been a great distraction from my grueling wait for my debut novel SOUL BORN to be released.  It should be available to everyone around Thanksgiving, and yes, I will be giving thanks for it finally coming out!

Thanks all,

Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Interview at Night Owl Reviews

Last week an interview I did at Night Owl Reviews went live. Check it out while waiting for SOUL BORN to be released in the next two weeks!!!


Kevin James Breaux

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Favorite Buffy Episodes Part 1

It's no secret that Joss Whedon is one of my favorite writers. I really enjoy all of his work. That being said, I am comfortable saying I am a huge Buffy and Angel fan. There's just so much to enjoy in all of the 254 episodes of those two shows, too much to talk about in one post, or even 100 posts.

This past summer I watched all of the Buffy seasons over again. Like my 7th or 8th time through them all. (Only beaten by how many times I have watched Mutant X) With them all fresh in my head I wanted to post a quick list of some of my favorite eps of Buffy, and why.

This is part one covering seasons 2-4. (yes I skipped season 1, I will apologize to The Master, later) First off I should say that Season 4, The Initiative Season as I call it, would be my pick for best of the first 4. Although I do not like the big bad of that season, I really enjoy all the character development and all the fun Spike moments.

Season 2 - My favorite episodes of this season are those by Joss Whedon himself. The Becoming 1+2 rank as the best of the series, to this date. Spike's role is amazing in the battle of Buffy vs. Angel. His dialogue is witty and fun.  The cinematics and music behind the moment where Buffy races to the library to save Kendra, but it being too late, are breathtaking.

Season 3 - The Wish - Written by Marti Noxon. I love the different world here, where Xander and Willow are vampires. As a huge fan of The Master (you are the best thing about season one), its equally awesome to see him here, in a story where he is really in control of Sunnydale. When Buffy arrives, with the scar on her face it seals the deal for an excellent, chilling story. I love the slow mo battle as Buffy lays eyes on the Master and they each fight toward one another. Angel is dusted, and Buffy walks right through his remains (like Buck Rogers through a space ship explosion) only to get her neck wow.

Season 3 - The Zeppo - Written by Dan Vebber - I love how the whole hellmouth apocalypse story takes a back seat to Xander and his problems. I also love how they over dramatize everything Buffy and Angel say and do, furthering the reality of Xander's issues (with zombies, mind you). In the end the Scoobys save the world, and they have no idea Xander saved them.

Season 4 - Hush - Joss Whedon. Possibly the best episode of Buffy ever. Great creepy villains. Awesome plot. Great story telling. Funny moments... and all this without a word dialogue! Yes, and there is that awkward moment where the gang stares at Buffy making hand gestures that might appear a bit R Rated.

Season 4- This Years Girl + Who are you. A two parter. These eps bring back Faith and I love Faith, she is my favorite female character in the Buffyverse. In season four she is at her hottest. (although she has a line in season three where, before a fight, shes says to Buffy "give us a kiss", which is perfection). Solid two part episode, with the second part written by Whedon, that has its strengths in Faith's character... even when Sarah Michelle is playing her. The scene where Faith is in Buffy's body, practicing her lines in the mirror is hilarious.
Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Paperback Dolls Zombie Week Q+A

I did a fun Q+A with my new best friends the Paperback Dolls. Part of Zombie Week, this interview might give you a little more insight to me and my love for all things zombie.

Check it out here:

Thanks all,
Kevin James Breaux