Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Few Updates

The last two weeks I spent focused on my fantasy works. I spent one weekend, about twelve hours, doing some last minute tweaks to SOUL BORN, and then shipped it back off to the publisher for the big edit. Otherwise I have been writing a lot. The third book in the SOUL BORN series is still in first draft, but now at 40,000 words.

I also decided to write a prequel story to SOUL BORN, weaving a bit of untold history about one of the main characters. I will most likely offer it as a freebie when the book is released.

On a side note, I finished Dragon Age Origins this last weekend. I played as a City Elf Mage who was a blend of healing and fire offense magic. I started up a new game as a Noble Human Rogue, and a Dalish Elf Warrior. Not sure which I will continue.

Kevin James Breaux

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