Thursday, October 22, 2009

Interview at Zombos Closet of Horror

I was interviewed at Zombos Closet of Horror. Take a look. There is a hint of some big news in that interview. I should be annoucing here and all over the internet in the next few weeks.

Check it out.

Kevin James Breaux interview at Zombos Closet of Horror

Published Works as of 10/01/2009 - updated links

DEAD MAN’S PARTY – a Zombie Thriller – was first published by Written Word Magazine in 6/2008. Second and currently published at Lucrezia Magazine 11/2008.

BANG! Portugal – an Erotic Thriller – was published at Lucrezia Magazine 2/2009.

FOR THE TEAM – is a light Erotic tale – published at Bare Back Magazine 8/2009

LOVE IN THE TIME OF ZOMBIES – an Erotic Horror published at Lucrezia Magazine 8/2009

Coming Soon – ENDING SUMMER NIGHTS – a short story about two Irish hitmen hired to kill a stripper who is a real bloodsucker!

Some of these sites are NSFW, so be careful.


Kevin James Breaux

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