Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone has a nice couple days off from work, and a pleasant Christmas with their friends and family.

I had lots of time to write this last week and no doubt, plenty more in the week to come. I finished a new short story called A WAY TO A MAN'S HEART IS THROUGH HIS STOMACH. It's a twisted little Valentine's Day Horror.... now I need to submit it around. 

Wish me luck!

Kevin James Breaux

Thursday, December 17, 2009

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR IS... DEAD. Shopping it around.

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR IS... DEAD is an erotic paranormal thriller. It currently stands at a whopping 14,500 words. Which is above short story standards so I will be submitting it as a novella to a few places I know of. If there is someplace you think I should submit it, please email me.

Here is a quick blurb;

After an incredible night of sex Nate learns the girl next door is dead.

Kevin James Breaux

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Only the Dead Will Stand to be published in 2010

ONLY THE DEAD WILL STAND, my zombie cowboy short story, will be printed in the anthology, DEAD HISTORY: A ZOMBIE ANTHOLOGY. Publisher: Living Dead Press; Release Date: Spring 2010. I think they are shooting for a release date a little sooner than that, maybe even late Feb. I will announce its release here and my on my site.

It's all very exciting! The publisher actually called my cell phone last night and we talked for about forty minutes. We discussed a lot of things and I was invited to write shorts for other future anthologies.

We shall see.

Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Membership - EAA

The Erotic Authors Association reviewed my published short stories and invited me to join their organization. It's a real honor when your peers accept your work. I'm excited to be a member in such great company.

Thanks EEA! Erotic Authors Association Website

Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Only The Dead Will Stand

ONLY THE DEAD WILL STAND - horror / western / thriller

Just finished a 5,600 word short story about an undead gunslinger who wins all his matches. This dead-alive man, called Reaper by some, is being tracked through the west by the vengeance driven son of one of the men he killed. When they meet, outside a tavern in a small town that is hosting a gun fighter's contest, the two men clash. I don't want to give too much away. Hopefully the anthology publisher who asked me to submit it will publish it in 2010. If I hear any good news I will post it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


SOUL BORN, my epic fantasy novel, will be published in 2010 by Dark Quest Books. I'm very excited to be working with this publisher.

Right now I'm trying to decide on a cover artist. It's a tough choice. I will post my decision on my SOUL BORN site.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Interview at Zombos Closet of Horror

I was interviewed at Zombos Closet of Horror. Take a look. There is a hint of some big news in that interview. I should be annoucing here and all over the internet in the next few weeks.

Check it out.

Kevin James Breaux interview at Zombos Closet of Horror

Published Works as of 10/01/2009 - updated links

DEAD MAN’S PARTY – a Zombie Thriller – was first published by Written Word Magazine in 6/2008. Second and currently published at Lucrezia Magazine 11/2008.

BANG! Portugal – an Erotic Thriller – was published at Lucrezia Magazine 2/2009.

FOR THE TEAM – is a light Erotic tale – published at Bare Back Magazine 8/2009

LOVE IN THE TIME OF ZOMBIES – an Erotic Horror published at Lucrezia Magazine 8/2009

Coming Soon – ENDING SUMMER NIGHTS – a short story about two Irish hitmen hired to kill a stripper who is a real bloodsucker!

Some of these sites are NSFW, so be careful.


Kevin James Breaux

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