Monday, April 25, 2016

One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail April Giveaway

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One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail by Kevin James Breaux

One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail

by Kevin James Breaux

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Kevin James Breaux

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Excerpt of One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail live on the novel's blog

Hi all,

Quick update.

I posted an excerpt of ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL on the novel's blog site here:

The novel's blog site can be reached at Bookmark it. :)

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Kevin James Breaux

Monday, April 18, 2016

One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail now on KINDLE   

Now on KINDLE! ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL by Kevin James Breaux.

I am hoping to see some reviews soon. Remember you can add the book and review it on Goodreads too. 


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Kevin James Breaux

Friday, April 15, 2016

Original Query Synopsis for ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL by Kevin James Breaux

Hi all,

I thought it would be fun to share part of the original query for OSHFT. Here is the synopsis part of the query. It can also give you some insight to the plot of the book.

This is a tale of a foul-mouthed, fairy princess after a fall from grace.  She had it all: fame, fortune, beauty… and now she is being hunted for her wings.

Hidden under her skin, visible to most only as an ornate butterfly-wing tattoo, is SABRINA LONDON’s secret. She is an otherworldly being and she has the most beautiful pair of magical, energy-based wings you will ever see.  Sabrina was living a perfect life until her boyfriend filmed a crime they were committing and the passionate sex they followed it up with—bad boy vampires tend to do that. So focused on romancing her, he lost his camera and when it was found months later, the video reached the Internet and Sabrina’s life was ruined. She lost everything except her friends.

MOSELLE ABDUL AZIZ AL GHURAIR was born of the Egyptian upper middle class. The young woman lived comfortably until a sudden change in political power made her family outcasts. While trying to flee the clutches of the new regime, her father made a dire decision, choosing death over torture or slavery—he killed his wife and child, but not before a curse was put upon them that would make Moselle return undead. Now, the sex-starved mummy-girl lives a life of leisure. Lonely and a bit bored with her immortality, her newest obsession, a human named Jackson, and friend Sabrina are the only things that keep her entertained.

ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL is the story of otherworldly beings: fairies, windegos, mummies, elemental spirits, and more living human lives—or as close to it as they can. When events threaten their discovery, and Sabrina and Moselle find themselves smack in the middle of controversy, they must do whatever is needed to protect their identities and their loved ones. 

Thanks all!

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Kevin James Breaux

Friday, April 8, 2016

One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail is out in Paperback

Out now in Paperback format. 

America’s population is slowly dying due to an epidemic, and Alexander, an ancient, immortal shaman, has medicine that can heal people. It has one small side effect—Alexander’s able to control the minds of anyone taking the drug, nicknamed “dust.”

Alexander plans to take over the country once dust is released to the general public, crushing anyone who stands in the way. He needs just a little bit more of a certain magical ingredient to make the medication work properly: fairy wings.

An intelligent, stunning fairy, Sabrina was also America’s sweetheart—until a video of a crime she was involved in surfaces, nearly destroying her. A year later, she’s finally ready to step back into the spotlight. Together with her bodyguard, Mira, a water spirit in human form, Sabrina’s prepared to start over.

Things are starting to look up until she meets Alexander in a club and goes from social outcast to tortured captive in the blink of an eye. Will she be able to escape the evil shaman and his mind-controlled slaves in time to save herself and everyone she cares about?

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Kevin James Breaux