Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Three Burning Red Runaway Brides is Done...and so begins the edits!

Hi all,

Last week I finished writing THREE BURNING RED RUNAWAY BRIDES, Book 3 in The Water Kingdom Series. I did not want to post anything until today, when I finished re-reading it.

And making a few changes.

So far, this draft is at 96,200 words. I wrote those last 45,000 words in one month....yeah... 3,000 and 5,000 word count days. I killed it.

The book is now being edited. So I will have some time off, to think about changes before I finalize it and start the publishing process.

The cover artwork is done. I can look to reveal that soon too. Maybe in Oct.

This was a true goal for me. To write and have a series published. I tried to meet that goal with Soul Born...but book one and two were published and books three and four were not. Hopefully that can happen in the future now that Soul Born has a new publisher.

Sabrina London... For the most part, her story ends with this book. If she returns in the next series, The Fire Kingdom Series, it would be in an unexpected way. You have to read to find out.

Expect to see Moselle, Jackson, Dunyasha, Joe, H.B. and others in book 3. And a few new characters.

I can't wait to get it out there and hear peoples reviews. Until then, please, read and review the first two books if you have not. I need more reviews! :)

Thanks all.

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

Thursday, August 9, 2018

RPGs shaped my foundation as an artist and author. Part 1 - Tabletop Games.

Hi all,

Sometimes, I get asked about my RPG background. I have written articles and posts about it. But let me take a brief moment to talk about it again. It is an important part of my foundation as an author and artist.

In the early 1980s, when I was in grade school, my neighbor Matt Zelesko (a few years older than me) gave me the D&D Monster Manual for my birthday. The artwork inside was incredible and I was instantly hooked.

I still own my hardbound books!
I made my mother take me to hobby stores where they sold D&D stuff. At the time, the local Village Mall had a hobby store and I was able to buy books, games, modules, and miniatures there. I was in heaven.

I stared at those books for hours and hours. I took them to school. I drew from them...they kept me VERY busy.

Some of my favorites.
I played D&D and Top Secret for a few years with my neighborhood friends. It was abridged rules, I'm sure. I mean we used the books as a guideline to tell stories, roll dice, laugh and have tons of fun.

Later, I discovered CAR WARS and that was my newest obsession. Not so much for the artwork and cool stories, but for the intensely fun and addicting game play.

Much love.
With CAR WARS, I was actually able to fully understand the rules of and make the game work. It was amazing. My friends and I played this one for years, off and on, from the 1980s and 1990s. Even into the early 2000s when we had a massive 10 game tournament.  (I won)

In college, we discovered White Wolf Publishing and one by one me and my friends had a new even bigger obsession. The books read like novels with some game instruction and some choose-your-own-adventure mixed in. They were skillfully written and designed. They were unlike anything I had ever seen in the RPG world.

Love this book.

Once again, I was traveling with my RPG books. I took Vampire: The Masquerade to school with me everyday. I read it between classes, drew from the pictures, studied it. It really shaped me as an author.

Two of my other friends...they knew the release dates of each coming book. They waited and rushed out to get each one as soon as it was available. I swear my one friend was late to work because of being at the bookstore getting...I think it was WRAITH, lol.

Sadly, I have not played any tabletop games in about 10 years.

Since I moved, and left my childhood friends on the East Coast, I have had little desire to. Those friends were my family and these games were something I shared with them. So playing with new people--strangers, would feel wrong.

That all being said, I do wish to write for a RPG game system. I want to rekindle that love...that magical feeling...but this time I want to step back into those fantasy worlds as a creator. I want to craft these worlds and universes for people like myself when I was younger and carrying the books around like they were filled with treasures.  Because they were and they still are.

I opened up one of my books not long ago. The Deities and Demigods one. Instantly, I got lost in the pages just like I did when I was a kid. That book still has its magic and THAT is amazing.

Thanks all,

Kevin James Breaux

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Quick updates! And toys.

Hi all,

The last book in the Water Kingdom series is almost done. It is about 25-30K words from finished. It will be released in 2018 as planned.

I have been working hard on the plot. Since it is the last book in the series, I am going back and forth from the other two books to tie things in and finish story lines. Keeping the plot clean is important.

I also finished a few edit drafts from the new SOUL BORN publisher. So that is moving along too.

I am pitching artists to the publisher for the cover. Wish me luck.

Been busying writing and doing custom toy work at CASTLE BROSKULL. Lots of GI JOE and Transformers stuff.

Fun things, like repainting these old Joe Vehicles in a Chuckles theme. 


That and I submitted a lot of samples and work to IDW. Pitched some new things too.

I'm ready when you are IDW. Let's rock an amazing team-up!

Kevin James Breaux

Monday, June 11, 2018

Authorfest 2018 - I will be there!

Hi all,

Happy to announce that I was invited to sign my books at this years Authorfest at Powell's Books in Beaverton, Oregon. This is my third year in a row, and my fourth one I will be attending.

I'm told my books are flying off the shelf there. That's great news. I hope to sign a bunch.

More details coming soon. But it is Nov. 11th. Save the date.

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

Friday, May 11, 2018

Thanks for plastic army men tanks!

Hi all!

Remember the 1970s-1980s plastic army men? I had tons of them. I mean tons. I was always bugging my parents for more. Somewhere along the line, I got tanks and jeeps too. Even a whole play set.... I really loved these toys...until GI JOE was released in early 80s. Then they got packed away.

But I kept them all.  And recently my father mailed them all to me.

See a few of my favorites.

So, I considered selling them. Then I couldn't let them go. So, I packed them away again. Even the big Pork Chop Hill Play Set. :)

But I got to thinking....

Toys have become my canvases at my fun little Castle Broskull workshop. So... I picked up one of the little plastic army tanks and I primed it. Then I painted it.


I think it looks amazing. I mean loot at the texture. It's funny how these 80's toys had amazing detail but horrible paint jobs... so we never knew the potential.

Thanks to my wife for photographing my tanks. Thanks for tanks?

I am painting and selling these now. At Castle Broskull. Send me yours, I will paint them.

So now these little tanks are sitting out on my bookshelf and looking seriously bad-ass. If you want me to paint yours, contact me!

There is a real sense of accomplishment when you take a forgotten old toy and make it rad again.


Kevin James Breaux