Wednesday, February 5, 2020

New Blog.... Who dis? Kevin James Breaux Introductions Part 1.


Welcome to the all-new Kevin James Breaux Author and Artist Blog!

Since I'm rebooting this blog, I'm going to make it about more than just information and updates about my writing and books. I'm going to make it about all my endeavors: writing, art, marketing/branding, toys, video games, etc.

Let's start with some brief introductions. Artist first.

I went to art school. 8+ years. Started off at BCCC and then went to Temple/Tyler School of Art.

Art school...I could write a book... And oddly enough...

I wanted to be a comic book artist, specifically an inker, for the entire time I was in art school. But by the time I finished college, I realized the only way I could satisfy my artistic cravings was through writing. Yes...writing.

I'll talk more about writing in another introduction post.

Through the years, I did a lot of different forms of art. Comic book character pin ups, photography, painting...and it all led to this.

As you may know, I am the Lord of Castle Broskull. What is Castle Broskull? Well, it's my art and vintage toy customization brand. Most importantly... It's rad!

one of several cool logos

A few years ago, my mother passed from cancer. When she did, my dad started sending boxes and boxes of my old 80's toys across country. He figured I could sell them better than he could. He was right, but I was kinda excited to see some of my old things, like my Micronauts. Maybe, I thought, I wouldn't sell them all. :)

Slowly, boxes arrived and it was like getting punched in the face once or twice a week. Overwhelming nostalgic and fun at times and sad...very sad at times too. My mom had saved everything. Bless her heart. She really did.

For example: I had tons of GI JOES. I loved those toys and still do. But in the mid 1990's I sold like 80% of my massive childhood toy collection to a comic book store. (dumb)(so dumb)(so very dumb)

Around 2010-2011, I decided to reward a writing job I completed by buying one of my favorite JOE tanks, the MAULER, off of eBay. The toy was 99% complete, only missing a large antenna. But that large antenna was selling for $20-30. No way was I gonna buy that. I mean, would you?

Regardless, I made an eBay search and saved it. Yes, for like 8 years I watched the price. I really wanted to complete that tank. I'm a perfectionist like that. I mean, it sits, to this day, on my shelf RIGHT next to me.

Before the missing part.

When my dad was running out of stuff to send me, he sent me a box of assorted parts. In that box was a bag with my mom's handwriting and it said (I think) Joe parts. (something like that). I opened that bag and the first thing I saw was the antenna I needed. The original antenna to my original MAULER!

I grabbed it and ran over to the tank in my office and placed it right in. It felt like a miracle or message from beyond or something; it felt special. Very special.

I started selling all (almost all) the toys my dad sent me. I was listing them on eBay, but then started showing what was being sent to me to the guys in FB toy groups. I joined a few vintage toy groups to start. Then joined the more specialized ones: Matchbox, Stompers, Masters of the Universe, Star Wars...etc.


Matchbox and Hot Wheels and more.

This guy fetched a pretty penny.


I met so many cool people in those toy groups. People who loved toys and bought and sold them. But what I quickly realized was that there was a big void: ARTISTS!

Sure, I saw a few people customizing toys. Some good. Some bad. But I decided I needed to try too, for fun.

At first, I played around with a few things my dad sent me, and then I bought a Castle Grayskull. I had NEVER owned one growing up. So it was very cool to see and touch this thing for the first time. I had some Masters of the Universe (MOTU) figures when I was a kid. I think maybe like 10 of them. In fact, my dad sent the 2-3 I had left. But I never had a Grayskull and I wonder why???

Before my magic.

Anyway, after a week or so (and a ton of paint) first custom Grayskull was done and it looked incredible. I posted pics of it in the groups and WOW it got a lot of likes and shares. Not to mention, a lot of people asking me to make them one.

First one. It seems so basic compared to what I do now.

I needed a name to sign my work. I didn't want to sign it Kevin James Breaux, that's my author name, so I thought it might be a funny play on words to go with the pronunciation of my last name mixed in with the project that started it all. So I rolled with it. That's how Castle Broskull was born.

That was over two years, and like 200 MOTU play-sets later.

Now Castle Broskull is a big success and I have a list of commissions to work on. Wanna see them? I do most of my social media marketing for the Broskull brand on FB and Instagram. Please check one of them out here.

Hope you enjoyed that quick backstory.

Kevin James Breaux

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Time for a REBOOT!

I will be rebooting this author blog very soon!

This blog was out of date. It had been a depository for my updates and information for 10 years. I just deleted the old posts...(over 300). 

Time to start fresh.

Kevin James Breaux

Monday, November 4, 2019

Authorfest! This coming weekend!

I hope to see you there. This will be my fourth year in attendance and my third year in a row. I'm very blessed to have Powell's support. Thank you all.

Kevin James Breaux