Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Happy Holidays 2019! Free Kindle Books from Kevin James Breaux!

Happy Holidays to all!

2019... It had its good and bad. I'm sure everyone feels this way. I had a book published, finished editing another one. I had some fun times this Summer traveling around Oregon and especially Washington. Nice weather too.

Played some fun games. Mostly retro ones. Going back to replay things I loved, and starting up some World of Warcraft Classic. Good times.

CASTLE BROSKULL - my brand and toy customization company did amazing!!! I am very proud of it.

Sadly, I lost my best friend... He passed weeks ago. I am still recovering from the shock of all of it. It's like loosing my North Star; my guiding light. He was my role model and with him gone, I feel a little lost.

RIP Chris Straup. 

If you follow me on FB you probably saw my tribute to him there. 

With the good and bad, I want to give back. I wish I could do more. Lots and lots more. But like most people, I'm feeling the pressure of the holidays with some fun health bills adding up. (Dry Eyes is no fun.)

So the best I could do was set my three book series, The Water Kingdom, for FREE today on Kindle.

Please grab it now! Download it for yourself or your spouse or tell your friends!

Start with book one here:

One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail (The Water Kingdom  Book 1) by Kevin James Breaux https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071X9WDPB/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_dDPaEbC5GGKPY

Thanks all. And Happy Holidays.

Kevin James Breaux

Monday, November 4, 2019

Authorfest! This coming weekend!

Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Authorfest t is NOV. 10th at Powell's and what else?

Hi all,

Big news, for me at least, I finished the first of the publisher edits of BLOOD DIVIDED and handed it in the beginning of this month. She confirmed she has it and is working on it soon. Next step will be a more detailed line edit. Polish it up for print.

Since finishing that, I took some time off from writing and editing. Like a week...and reworked my antiquated resume. And sent a proposal to Dark Horse comics for some CASTLE BROSKULL related projects.

I finished the Buffy rewatch and started rewatching the last season of ANGEL. It makes sense, because you follow Spike's story over to ANGEL.

I've been playing a little World of Warcraft late at night. Man, it's amazing all I remembered and all I forgot. Like I remember some of the beginning stuff so well...but I forgot the middle stuff. For example, levels 1-20, I kinda-totally that content. But after that? I was like, I forget, where do I go? What do I do? What levels are the dungeons? How do I get from here to there...LOL!

It's fun seeing all returning players. We have all aged 10+ years. So the names of characters and guilds sometimes reflect it. It can be sad and funny at the same time. 

Here I am from like a week or so ago...around level 16. I'll hit 20 soon on this one.

So now that I'm waiting for the publisher again, I have a choice. Got back to writing the sequel of The Lifeblood of Ill-fated Women, or edit book three of the Soul War series (so that I am ready to hand that to the publisher in 2020).

Not sure yet.

Until then, I am focused on rocking this years AUTHORFEST at Powell's Books, on Nov. 10th starting 4pm. I plan to sign books and represent book my writing and my CASTLE BROSKULL endeavors. So I will probably (more than probably) be wearing a fresh BROSKULL shirt.

You can get yours here: https://www.teepublic.com/user/castlebroskull

I often wonder if it is time to stop blogging. But I will keep it going. Maybe once a month, like this.

Thanks all!

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Updates. Authorfest. Broskull. World of Warcraft.

Hi all,

I have been working so hard this Summer. And yes. The old blog gets forgotten in the mix.

Most people follow my writing updates on FB anyway...but hey...let's do this!

I'm finishing up the first publisher edit of BLOOD DIVIDED, book two in the Soul War. Sequel to SOUL BORN. It's really looking good. Very excited about its 2020 release. It will finally see the respect it deserves.

Writing wise, I'm not writing anything new at the moment. I'm editing my work, and doing an edit job for another author. I'm seeking some content editing jobs too.


A lot of my time is spent branding and promoting CASTLE BROSKULL...which is doing amazing. It has turned out to be a very successful business. The more time I put in, the more I get back. It works that well.

I have lots of commissions in right now. New logos. New shirts. And more things to come.

I will be at a toy show in late Sept. And I will have signed books there. I will also be signing at this years Authorfest in Powells. I do this every year. It's a fun event and a great learning exp.

This year, at Powells, I will represent both my writing and Castle Broskull. So I'll bring at least one or two cool projects with me to show off.

What have I been doing for fun? Well, I WAS between games. I wasn't sure what to play, so I went and started up a new game of Morrowind. I always pledged I would return to it. But starting new...wow... Lots of old memories from that game. Now, the graphics are tough to deal with and some of the fighting controls are bad. This is NOT Skyrim! lol. But I have managed to go further in the game then ever before.

That being said. I was not feeling it. So I ended up not playing anything for a while. Rewatched Buffy. Again. Like again-again. (maybe like my 7th or 8th rewatch since release...OK!)

I was still wanting to game again...so...YES...I picked up World of Warcraft Classic.

Way back in the day, I played WoW. I played for maybe 2-3 years when it first came out. For a while I was a casual player. I played Alliance as a Priest. I enjoyed healing in UBRS once or twice a week. It was fun.

Then Burning Crusade came out and I went Horde. No turning back. LOL. I was a Blood Elf Paladin who healed. I fell into one guild that was doing great and that one splintered off into another guild that became one of the best on the server. I saw it all. Every raid. All the end game content. It was amazing! I was really enjoying playing, but it got in the way of writing and I stopped. That was like 11 years ago.

I kept in contact with some of my WoW friends and they just started playing WoW classic so I figured it might be fun. I signed in and...yes...it's amazing.

Feels like the old days. 10-12 years have passed, but my old WoW buddies are there and its like no time has passed at all. And they are excited to be playing with me again. How cool is that?

(well, not like no time has passed. I mean I do have to level up...and I am so slow at that)(and my back hurts. lol)

How much will I play? Just a few hours a week. Same as I would my XBox, if I had a game I was interested in there. No more. Not like before... lol...

Never played a Warlock before. And if I can't play a Pally...

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

SOUL BORN Goodreads Giveaway is Live and ends on 6/24

Hi all,

I have a Goodreads Giveaway posted right now!

5 signed copies of SOUL BORN are up for grabs. It's free to enter. If you are following this blog, then you most likely already know about their giveaways. I have done a bunch of them in the past. Always a fun way to connect with readers and get books into the hands of new (or future) fans.

Here is the link: https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/293919-soul-born

Remember to follow me on FB and Instagram. And please post reviews.

Thanks all!


Kevin James Breaux