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Kevin James Breaux current Publishing History

Here is my current Publishing History with awards listed. This shows the major works published, not guest posts or interviews on the internet.

Sadly, Hellfire Publishing went out of business in 2013. I had a lot of short published there. I've had this happen before. Publishers go out of business or simply vanish sometimes. Victims of the bad economy or an often changing market. I note them as defunct below.

Kevin James Breaux Publishing History

Dead Man's Party - short - ebook
Hellfire Publishing - 7/26/2013 (2013 defunct)

The Journal of USS Indianapolis Survivor: Stefanos “Stevie” Georgiou” - short printed in Zombie Jesus and Other True Stories Anthology. Won 3rd place Preditors and Editors poll 2012
Dark Moon Press - 11/3/2012

She. Her. You. - short printed in Slices of Flesh Anthology. Bram Stoker Award Nominated.
Dark Moon Press - 3/29/2012.

Beer VS Zombies - short
Dark Moon Digest Magazine Issue #7 - 3/20/2012

**Blood Divided - novel
Dark Quest Books - 12/30/2011  (paperback) 11/27/2011 (kindle)

Geek's-eye View - article
Suspense Magazine November Issue 11/6/2011

Dark Water: Beaming Smile - novelette. Won 3rd place Preditors and Editors poll 2011
Hellfire Publishing ebook 10/2011 (2013 defunct)

How the Castle BREAUX was built. - article
Suspense Magazine August Issue 8/10/2011

Top that Pokemon! - article
Suspense Magazine July Issue 7/1/2011

Mother's Milk - short printed in Too Much Boogie
L-L Publications 4/2011

A Battle of Ego - short printed in Anthology of Ichor III
UnEarthedPress  4/2011

A Way to a Man's Heart is Through His Stomach - short ebook
Wicked Wednesday - My Vamp Fiction  1/5/2011
Hellfire Publishing e-book 4/2011 (2013 defunct)

**Soul Born - novel. Won 1st place Preditors and Editors poll 2010
Dark Quest Books - 11/30/2010

The Darkness part #7 - short
A Tale of Many Reviews as part of the 2010 Spooktacular Event 10/2010

Ending Summer Nights - short. Won 9th placed P&E poll 2010
Lucrezia Magazine 5/2010  (2012 defunct)

Only the Dead will Stand - short printed in Dead History: a zombie anthology
Living Dead Press 2/2010 

Love in the Time of Zombies  - short
Lucrezia Magazine 8/2009 (2012 defunct)

For The Team  -short
Bare Back Magazine 8/2009 

Bang! Portugal  - short. Won 3rd place Preditors and Editors Poll 2009 (2012 defunct)
Lucrezia Magazine 2/2009 

Dead Man's Party (original version) - short
1st publishing to Written World Magazine 6/2008
2nd publishing to Lucrezia Magazine 11/2008  (2012 defunct)

**Soul Born and Blood Divided are no longer offered by Dark Quest Books. The rights have returned to the author and the books will be re-published in new editions soon.


Kevin James Breaux

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Life of My First Book. From Breaking the Circle to Soul Born

From Breaking the Circle to Soul Born.

What a trip. How many mistakes can be made with one book? Many. Too many.

I’ve told the story of how I was taken advantage of before. This is not that story. This is a timeline of how my first book came to be and how it arrived at where it is now.

When I was in college in 1997-1998, I was writing on the weekends. Mainly Sunday night after my girlfriend went home. I wrote for fun, and I wrote as a catharsis. But soon realized it was the only artistic outlet that really allowed me to get what I had in my head out onto paper.

One day, I decided to try and write a book. To actually turn my “story” into something.

1997-1998 - I started writing a “story.”

1999- I realized I had something. I had a book. I WROTE A BOOK! I called it BREAKING THE CIRCLE.

1999- I went to the local Barnes and Nobles book store and found one of those Literary Agent guides. I start sending out SNAIL mail submission packages with a S.A.S.E inside. (click here for what a S.A.S.E is, if you don’t know.)

1999-2000 - After six months to a year, some of my S.A.S.Es came back with form letter rejections.  Some post card rejections were sent to me as well. Nothing like a postcard from an agent/publisher with  only the word, “Pass” written on it. No luck.

2000 - An “agent” asks me to pay him X amount of dollars to read my book. I do. He later calls me on the phone and tells me everything I want to hear. I didn’t know any better, but I was ripped off/scammed. (first mistake)

**Now comes a dark time in my writing history, a part of my life I have mentioned before in many interviews. I’m not going to go into the painful detail again, but I was taken advantage of big time. I was lied to and ripped off. Screwed royally. In a blink, I had spent close to 5K and Breaking the Circle was self published at Xlibris (with no edits).

2002 - I was tricked into self publishing BREAKING THE CIRCLE. (second mistake)

2003 - I soon realize I made a dire mistake. But I accept it and try to make the best of it. I work hard and line up book store signings. I manage to get my book on the shelves of major sellers… my hard work pays off and I am chosen to represent Barnes and Nobles Jekintown, PA as their pick for best new local author of the year at a huge New Author Event.

2004 - I start writing the sequel to Breaking the Circle.

2005 - The sequel to Breaking the Circle is finished it is first called: A PROPHECY UNFULLFILLED.

2005 - I meet Jonathan Maberry in a chance encounter at Jekintown, PA Barnes and Nobles. We talk for about an hour inside and outside the store.  I learn a lot.

2006 - I rewrite and change A PROPHECY UNFULLFILLED to THE THREE SHADES OF GREY. (yes, in 2006 that was my title!)

2007 - While seeking help for my writing career, I bump into Jonathan Maberry again. Now he’s in charge of the writer’s house I had gone to before. He’s cleaned the place up and turned it legit. He offers me some of the best advice of my life. I join his writers group. Shortly afterwards, I sell my first short story and become a full member of the HWA. ( Maberry becomes my mentor.

2007- I pull Breaking the Circle from Xlibris and buy up some of the copies online. (yuck)

2007 - Following Maberry’s advice I start to re-write Breaking the Circle. I change the names, the places, the plot…almost the whole damn book. It was reborn… and it becomes SOUL BORN.

2007 - I start sending out queries again. Hard core.

2007 - I start writing the third book in the series. I call it: THE DEAD TOMORROW.

2008 - Still sending out queries like a mad man.

2009 - I receive a partial and then full request for SOUL BORN by Dark Quest Books.

2009 - By the end of the year, I have signed a contract to publish SOUL BORN with Dark Quest Books.

2010 - One year later… With a publication date looming, SOUL BORN has yet to be edited by Dark Quest Books. I’m panicked. They've lost track of their editor. Turns out he/she was in the hospital. Edit Job Epic FAIL! (third mistake)

2010 - Dan Dos Santos paints the cover of SOUL BORN after I commission him directly. It’s the dawn of a lifelong friendship!

2010- November. SOUL BORN is released and appears on and other online sellers.


2011- Dan Dos Santos paints the cover of BLOOD DIVIDED. I nearly have a heart attack, it’s THAT awesome!

2011 - December - BLOOD DIVIDED is released on and other online sellers.

2012 - Blood Divided is released in kindle format, but my publisher makes a major mistake and publishes an early unedited draft. I nearly have another heart attack. (another mistake; not mine!)
2013 - THE DEAD TOMORROW is re-written, doubled in length and becomes FLESH ENDED.

2014 - After some great reviews for both books, and some decent sales, I decide it’s time to fix these books proper. The contracts come to an end and I request the rights back. (it’s time to fix those mistakes)

2014 - March. The rights to the Soul Born Saga return to me.

2014 - Soul Born is re-edited. Typos and errors are fixed. Bad POV shifts are removed. I clean up passiveness and I add some internal thought for the main characters, as well. Why? Because a few of my most trusted readers asked me to. Soul Born is in the hands of my editor now. She’s re-reading it and checking the work I did. She’s making sure it’s mo-better. J

FUTURE - SOUL BORN: Re-Born edition will be released as soon as it’s ready.

In conclusion:

I know SOUL BORN will never be a 10. It was written SOOOOO long ago. It was my first book. But I want to take this 6 and make it an 8. I want to do this for myself and for my fans. I want the people who have supported me to see what the story was always meant to be. That is why I requested the rights back. So I could re-edit it; not re-write it. Re-writing it would make it a whole new book (again). I have no intentions of that. That would be going backward, not forward.

I have grown as a writer. In 2013, I reached a new level. (leveled up for you gamers out there.) I don’t want to make Soul Born something it wasn’t meant to be. I just want it to reach its fullest potential.

So there you go. The life of my first book. From beginning to now. A long road, right?

But hey… since Soul Born, I have written five more books. And I’m currently writing a sixth and seventh.  Soon, I hope to be defined as an author by two new series.  Oh, and I swear to it, I swear by the great powers of the universe, that one of those new series will be published by a big time publisher.


Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Writing and Rejections and Writing some more - Kevin James Breaux

It's all about the mission.

Hi all,

So, I got hit with a hard rejection a few weeks back. It happens. And I am used to it. It helps to have spent almost eight years in art school, where I had to sit for at least 8-12 hours a week in critiques. Man, those last couple years of school had some brutal critiques that were 100% devoid of constructive criticism. I remember it well, students spitting poison at each other. Yuck! It was horrible, but it tempered my armor for  rejections, so I'm happy I survived the experience.

If you follow me here and Facebook, you know I had a book with my old mentor, Jonathan Maberry's super awesome - super professional - amazing deal making agent. She's great. I really wanted to be her client.

I won the lottery just having her request the full novel(my Viking Age Dark Fantasy/Horror). I know this well. She's a busy lady. :) So after four months, a respectable amount of time, not long in comparison to some... she sent me a nice email that was personalized. NOT a form letter. She went on to commend me as an author, and told me how much she truly "loves my writing". She said I was "a super talent" but my book did not fit her list. See, it was too much Dark Fantasy and she only covers Horror.

I really wanted to be represented by the same agent as my buddy and teacher, Maberry. It would have been like being on the same winning team. I love being part of a good team, so when the rejection happened it hurt. It really hurt. BUT at the same time, I really respected her time with my book and her time to write me a personal message and compliment me. So I lived. :)

I very much respect that agent. She's all class and professionalism. Of course - two things I would love to have in a agent. :)

So what have I been doing since this rejection? Writing, editing and sending queries. You cannot succeed without trying. And I have proved time and time again, that I'm not a quitter. I work hard and when I get rejections, that only fires me up to work harder. I believe in the dream. More importantly, I believe that hard work must pay off, or dreams will die.

No one stands between me and my dream. lol

At the moment, I'm 16,000 words into the sequel to my unpublished Urban Fantasy novel. I have been writing it, and then going back and re-reading it. I'm submerging myself into it. Taking my time. Feeling it. Truly feeling it... and it's going great!

I have also been re-editing SOUL BORN, which was a mess. It still burns me how the small press publisher botched the edit job on that book and made such a mess of it. Granted, my skills as an author have WELL improved since I wrote the book back in 2005-2007... but man... it needed lots of help. I'm about half way through the first new edit pass and I'm fixing a lot of things. I will do a second pass, and then send it to my editor to check my work. I hope to have it back out there for my fans and friends by the Summer.

Lastly, I'm brainstorming a short story I owe a publisher for a new anthology. Going to be a busy next 2-4 weeks. I will keep you all posted. Wish me luck finding an agent, because that is the mission.

Write Makes Might!

Thanks all,

Kevin James Breaux

Thursday, January 30, 2014

2013 Life - Kevin James Breaux

I had to break up my end of the year post into writing life and gaming life.... but I forgot to add life life.
Here is the rest of 2013….

What a weird year. It was a good year and a bad year. I really wish I could label it one way or the other. There was just so much chaos combined with winning and losing. So strange…

I worked harder than I ever have, but it’s hard to show it. I edited two books three times. THREE TIMES!!! There were weeks that I worked six or seven days and ten hours a day(or more).

Editing, editing, editing….

I also wrote a MG book and edited that one a few times too.
Looking back, most of the year is now a blur. A blur of back pain, editing, heartbreak and having tons of fun re-watching ALIAS and Battlestar Galactica(new).  

You know, I have learned to embrace editing. It’s a pain, but a necessary one. I kinda like it now. But I would prefer to be writing. Or at least a better balance of writing and editing. :)

Oh… we can't forget this. Much of 2013, I was busy keeping the outside negative forces from coming in.

COBRA? The Decepticons? V.E.N.O.M? The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants? 

No. No. No. No.
You artists know what I mean by negative forces, all those detractors, stressors, takers, etc. Man, it can be tough fighting off all of those. You put up your wall and you say, STAY OUT! But those things have +5 claws of wall climbing. lol... cry...

So what else happened in 2013…. life wise? Well… I took a IQ test early in the year. I’ve taken them before in the past few years, but I wanted a legit one. A for reals one. I waited for a testing day, went to a school, and took two tests.  Surprise! I scored big! I managed to score in the top 2% with a score of 132-134. Take that MENSA!

But Kevin, you got bad grades in school and college. Yeah, because I was bored and not properly motivated. I always had a feeling that if I could squeeze by with the least amount of work possible, and still pass, that was fine by me. Good grades never excited me. Not until my last two years of college which I pulled my GPA up into the 3.4-3.5 range and did have one perfect 4.0 semester.

I'll never forget when I was at BCCC and I took a trip to Princeton University. I came home that night and said to my dad, “Umm, you should've told me places like that existed when I was in middle school. I might have tried harder.” He laughed.

I had my tenth wedding anniversary in 2013… yay!!! But, I learned that most of my family does not care or think it's worth celebrating a 10th. (but wait until my one cousin hits her 10th, I know there will be a party then…gah!)

Other 2013 events include the death of my dog Amelia. Which hit hard. She was almost 13 and had been with my wife and I since we first moved in together. She had lived with us in all three of our houses and had been a good protector and a big pain in the ass. But we loved her. It happened so sudden. Middle of the night in mid August. I still miss her.

It was a tough year of migraines too. I decided to start tracking them on Jan.1 2013. I wanted to see if I could figure out the cause. I had 59 migraines in 2013. A few of them I managed to overcome,  but more than half of them knocked me out for a day. Lost days…. oh how I hate lost days…

I started working out again this year, and started following a better diet. That has helped a lot. But has not changed the migraines. :(

I made two big purchases in 2013, and I have to thank my father for teaching me how to do so. All those years I paid such close attention to my father’s negotiation skills… I'm so glad I did.

All that being said… I feel, in many ways, I spent 2013 getting better… faster… stronger… more skilled at writing. I faced my trial by fire and now, in 2014, I am ready to reemerge. reborn. POW! I might need theme music.  


Oh, like I said above, I re-watched ALIAS, StarBlazers and the 2004 Battlestar Galactica in 2013. Actually, I am about 4 eps from finishing BSG. Re-watching my favorite shows helps me shut my brain off and actually relax. Conversely, it also fires me up creatively.  I find it to be a great catharsis and I'm thankful I can spend some spare time doing so. I will do a post about BSG later. I really love that show. It is in my top 3.

Right now, I am weighting my options of what to watch again. I am thinking of doing Mutant-X and Pirates of Dark Water. But I would also like to watch Twin Peaks, Legend of the Seeker, LOST and Forever Knight again. Hmm….

Anyway, I have big plans for 2014 and I'm ready to go. Ready to get things moving and get things done! I'm all heart and soul, baby. Good karma out. Positive energy out.

Write Makes Might!
Kevin James Breaux

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 a year in Video Games - Kevin James Breaux

I had to break up my end of the year, 2013 post, into writing life and gaming life. Here's the gaming side of my 2013.

This is the first time in as long as I can remember that a new system came out… and I am just not lusting for. I mean, I recall wanting a Sega Genesis from the moment I read about it. I wanted that thing BAD. And I got one pretty soon after it was released. I think my parents bought it for me for X-Mas or my birthday and I bugged them for it until they gave it to me early. I probably used my best friend Andy as part of my reasoning for wanting/needing the gift early.

              “But, if you give it to me now, Andy and I can play it all weekend, and then Christmas Eve…”


Man, a bunch of years later, I hunted down a Sega CD system on its release day. Yep, I took a day off from College for that. I remember getting it at Toys R Us in near the Montgomery Mall. I was so proud of myself… literally no lines or nothing, but I was so excited to get it. Next day in class, I told my friend and he was surprised that THAT was the reason I skipped school. He also thought it was cool I did so. J

I purchased a Sega Saturn during its first month out. Meh. I only played maybe 4-5 games on that system before trading it for a PSX.

Later I pre-ordered my systems, and got them on release week. Like XBox and PS2. But my Dad did try and get me an XBox at Walmart on release day morning. He made a valiant effort. He saw the madness.

When the XBOX 360 was released, I went out at 2am in search of one. That was insanity and I will never do that again. I saw fights, mobs, angry parents, when with children in the dead of night-cold. But I did score one. AND… get this… I made it to work!!! (OK, I was like an hour late, but no one noticed.)

So you would think I would, at the very least, preorder a new Xbox One or PS4… NOPE.

I am waiting.

Is it because this lifetime (lifer) gamer has matured? Have I grown up in 2013???? Can’t be. I still have almost all my systems: Atari 2600, Nintendo (original and top loader), Genesis, Sega CD, Sega Nomad, 3D0 (yes, I bought that one), PSONE, XBOX, PS2, XBOX 360…. The only ones I did not keep were my Super NES, NEO GEO, and Sega Saturn. I am a serious gamer, yo! So why am I not excited about the new gen systems?

I did buy a Neo Geo X this year. Some people, even IGN, call it the best system to come out in 2013. Funny, right? I even bought a super cheap Xbox 360 bundle on Black Friday. $99!!! and it came with 4 games. It is the newest version of the Xbox 360. Smaller, better cooling, different input… etc. I bought one because the price was right and I wanted to upgrade my original release day Xbox.

Side note: I did have one XBOX 360 die on me. It was my second one, I used it in my media room, and it overheated and died. So now I always sit my systems on chill pads. Funny progression from the days I always used ULTIMA cloth maps to cover my systems and keep them dust free.

BUT yeah, still no new gen love in my heart. Maybe by the end of 2014… when the next Dragon Age game comes out. That will be some good motive for me. OR a new Star Wars Battlefront… oh…

So what did I play in 2013? I was still playing Skyrim. I must be 300+ hours in. I have played it off and on since it came out. I finished the main game and all its DLC. I just love going back and playing more and more. I still have quests. I can still find things to do. That’ the sign of a great game. I really love Skyrim. It may be my favorite game for 360.

In 2013, I also played Saint’s Row 4. And loved every second of it. I mean, I loved Saints Row the Third… but man 4 is even better. And the X-Mas DLC is priceless. It made my holidays to play and I played it literary over the 22nd-25th of Dec. I can see myself going back and playing that game a second time soon.

Of course, I played a metric butt ton of Halo 4 multiplayer with my Killtastic teammate BeerPope. We played nearly every weekend and still do.

Other games I played in 2013: Enslaved, Tomb Raider, Duck Tales Re-mastered and XCOM. I really loved the turn based strategy of XCOM. I would get caught up in missions until the late hours of the night… Good times.

What am I playing in 2014? I downloaded Fallout3 for a few bucks. I am really enjoying that. I will be playing Diablo 3 soon too.

I will probably return to Skyrim and Saints 4 at some point. But I am hoping to get some retro gaming in this year. Like I did in 2009-2011. I always want to return to NES and Genesis games. I was thinking about playing all the Streets of Rage games again soon. And Masters of Monsters.

Games I am looking forward too? Titanfall. Destiny. Dragon Age 3. I would love another turn based strategy game too. Something huge and epic, like Final Fantasy Tactics.

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux